The Ultimate 2 Week Notice Letter Guide: Tips & Examples


The 2 week notice letter is a professional courtesy and sometimes a contractual obligation. It is a way to let your boss know you are leaving without causing unnecessary inconvenience.

Unless you have the perfect job and intend to keep it forever, sooner or later, you probably need to give your employer two weeks’ notice of your intention to quit. Your notice period may be more extended than that, but let’s consider writing a resignation letter on this blog for discussion.

What is a 2 week notice letter?

A two-week notice letter is a form of resignation letter to inform an employer that you are leaving their company in precisely 14 days.

Most companies require employees to give at least 2 weeks notice before terminating their employment contract. It may be necessary to allow the company time to organize a replacement or reorganization to meet your needs adequately.

Why two weeks notice?

The two-week notice has become pretty standard for resignation letters. You are not leaving your job on the spot or dragging it for a month. So you split the difference, and half a month is about two weeks.

It buys the employer time to hire someone to replace you or distribute your workload among existing employees. Surely you will be able to perform some transfer operations.

If the company can’t replace it within two weeks (which is rare), it’s not their fault. But if you notify two weeks in advance, your protocol is impeccable, and no employer can accuse you of a bad break for this matter.

Explanations to Give a Two Weeks Notice Letter

If you are leaving your job, a 2-week notice letter allows you to quickly and easily notify your supervisor that you are going to your position and explain your reasons for leaving.

You may wonder when to give a two-week notice letter and for what purposes. In general, you can use it in the following situations:

  • You have a new job.
  • You have decided to retire.
  • You want to go for other reasons, such as travel or vacation.

When to Give a Two Weeks Notice Letter

You must give 2 weeks’ notice to your line manager or employer at least 14 days before your last day of work for the firm. This will notify them of your decision to leave and why, and it will also serve as written evidence that you have provided sufficient legal notice to your employer.

During this time, your employer may even make you a counteroffer to change your mind about leaving if he is desperate to keep you. Of course, whether you accept it or not is up to you.

Tips for Writing a Two Weeks Notice Letter

  • Use a business letter format: Use a business letter format to make your letter look professional. At the top of your letter, contain your contact information, the date, and the employer’s contact info.
  • Indicate the date: The most important thing to indicate in your letter is when you will resign. You can specify a specific date you will be leaving or say you will go two weeks from the current date.
  • Be brief: You don’t need to include any information other than where you are going and your last day of work.
  • Consider Saying Thank You: If you’d like, you can also include your appreciation for the chance provided and the experience you gained while working with the company.
  • Be Positive: As with all notice letters, brevity is beneficial, and it’s best to avoid mentioning anything negative about your employer or co-workers. Maintain professionalism with everyone, always. You never know who may cross your path in the past.
  • Offer to Help: Consider offering to help with the transition process. You can offer something specific, like helping train a new employee or providing general support.
  • Send the letter to the right persons: Send this letter to both your manager and your human resources (HR) department so that HR has a copy on file.
  • Consider sending a resignation email: You can also send a notice email instead of a formal letter. The content of the email will be like a letter. In the email’s subject line, include your name and the word “resign.”
  • Read Sample Letters: To help you write your letter, check out some sample resignation letters or sample resignation emails, depending on how you want to convey your message. Modify the patterns to suit your circumstances.

Two weeks notice letter template

  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • City, state/province, ZIP/postal code
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Supervisor’s name
  • Corporation name
  • Mailing address
  • City, state/province, ZIP/postal code

Dear [Manager Name]

I regret to report that I will depart from my role as [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME] in two weeks. My last day of work will be [MONTH, DAY, YEAR].

While I’ve greatly enjoyed my tenure at [CORPORATION NAME] for [XX] years, I will be leaving to [REASON FOR DEPARTURE (OPTIONAL)]. Working with so many talented colleagues at [COMPANY NAME] has been an honor, and I will never forget the many things I learned there.

I will be happy to assist in training a replacement or helping with any transition issues that may arise. Thanks so much for the chance to work at [COMPANY NAME].




Placing your two weeks notice can be a nerve-racking experience, but the above tips can help streamline the process. Whether you received a job offer from your dream company or preferred to work for yourself, deciding to prioritize your success is taking a step in the right direction.

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