Account-Based Marketing is a type of marketing focused on a specific company (account). Campaigns are personalize for that account, which can generate impressive results. Many dealers invest efforts to attract the most significant number of prospects to sell to them. In Account-Based Marketing, it works differently.

Why is it Worth Paying Attention to the Strategy?

The excellent results companies use account-based marketing have shown make it clear that it is a strategy worth investing in.

Learn more about why this concept is gaining so much attention:

Provides A Broad View Of The Purchasing Process

Perhaps the most outstanding merit of Account-Based Marketing is that it has an irreversible truth as its key: when it comes to B2B, a single person’s decision is not generally made.

So why should a strategy focus on a single individual if other heads are thinking along with him? It would give a limited view of the buying process. Thus, it makes more sense to broaden that vision and focus on the entire group with a message focused on the collective good of the offer.

It’s a Rising Market

Last year, a Demandbase study revealed that 70% of participating B2B companies have partial or complete ABM programs in place. In the same survey, 62% of participants said they already have the skills to succeed with ABM, up from 53% the previous year.

What do these data show? Every year, more companies perceive the advantages of Account-Based Marketing compared to other tactics. In addition, they are not wasting time training and increasing investments to obtain better results.

It’s All about Marketing Done Right

Put plain and simple, Account-Based Marketing is about following everything customers want and expect from a brand. According to an Aberdeen survey, 75% of customers prefer personalized offers. But it doesn’t take much effort to see that marketing and sales increasingly need to focus on specialized care.

The DNA of account-based marketing is knowing the decision makers well and creating a unique message that makes value and convinces them of the offer’s benefits.

Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

Benefits Of Account-Based Marketing

One of the first things we think about when we consider a new marketing strategy is the benefits it will get to the company.

With ABM, it is no different. For this reason, we have prepared a list of the six advantages of personalizing the approach of your prospects in this way:

High Marketing Roi

From all the statistics presented here, it is already more than clear that ABM has the potential to multiply your marketing ROI.

But, as if that weren’t enough, here’s another stat: According to an ITSMA report, almost 85% of marketers who measure ROI considered ABM the strategy with the highest return. Some even mention that the difference is enormous compare to other forms of marketing.

Easy Alignment Between Marketing and Sales

We never tire of highlighting the importance and benefits of aligning marketing and sales through sales marketing. So the fact that ABM facilitates that alignment is all the more reason for you to consider it. But how does this happen?

The thinking of the marketing team becomes the same as that of a salesperson: look at the account to attract those involved, convince them, and close the deal. We can even say that using this methodology is one of the easiest ways to align marketing and sales.

Better Prompts and Social Proof

Relying only on directions is not a good thing, but using them as an alternative way to promote your business is. But how could Account-Based Marketing be helpful in this regard? The connection with customers has been strengthen, favoring the association’s success.

Consequently, it converts easier to ask for a reference or even present statistics showing how much your company generated value for that client. Both references and data can be use as social proof on your site until they become success stories

Less Waste of Resources

The accuracy of a policy determines how many resources will be wasted on it. Because it is oriented to specific accounts, ABM minimizes the loss of these resources and favours optimizing sales.

In other words, the advertising team becomes more efficient at managing the time, money and energy spent on campaigns to close sales. It is essential since it increases the production and morale of all team members and creates a difference in the final calculation of benefits.

Increased Engagement

Because it is content explicitly made for buyers’ needs, it is natural that the engagement with this material is high. It is even one of the pillars of ABM: the production of quality, exciting and relevant content for the public.

This also shows that Account-Based Marketing is not meant to replace or compete with Inbound Marketing. Ideally, they should be aligned so that the expected results are achieved.

Ease of Measurement

It becomes easier and easier in digital marketing to measure efforts and find out exactly where the problems are with a given campaign. The available tools present detailed and easy-to-understand reports, even indicating what needs to modified and improve.

With ABM, it is also like that. In fact, by looking at each account separately, it is even easier to give context to the data found and see how the campaign is performing.


Account-Based Marketing is a strategy that combines content, technology and commercial actions. In this strategic marketing technique, we focus on specific accounts. This approach allows your organization to address each customer’s needs. Individually rather than trying to sell to a larger, more diverse audience.

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