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Adware, also known as advertisement-supported software, generate revenue for its developer by automatically generating advert on screen, usually within web browser. It is typically created for computer but can also be found on mobile device. Some form of adware are highly controlling and create an open door for malicious program.

What is Adware?

Adware is software that display unwanted (and sometime irritating) pop-up advert which can appear on computer or mobile device. Adware typically ends up on user device through one of two ways:

You might install free computer program or app without necessarily realizing that it contain additional software that contains adware. This allows  app developer to make money but means you could download adware onto system without necessarily consenting.

Alternatively, there may vulnerability in software or operating system which hackers exploit to insert malware, including some types of adware, into your system

How Common is Adware?

That makes Adware the most common type of malware that is seen on mobile phones and one of the hardest to remove. 20% of all malware found on mobile phones are known to have come from Risk Tool infections. 47.15% of all devices that are found to infected with at least one form of malware are Android mobile phones.

How Adware works?

Adware is software application in which advertising banner or other advertising material displays or downloads while a program is running. The ads delivered through pop-up windows or bars that appear on program’s user interface.

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