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Amplifier is an electromagnetic or electronic component that boost an electric current. If you wear hearing aid, you’ll know it uses microphone to pick up sound from world around you and convert them into  unstable electric current that constantly change in strength. A transistor-based amplifier takes the signal  input) and boost it often before feeding it into tiny loudspeakers Hence, you hear much-magnified version of original sounds (output).

What is an Amplifier?

Amplifier is an electronic device that amplify input power of signal. The amplifier types are: 2.1 Voltage amplifier: The voltage amplifier increases input voltage. 2.2 Current amplifier: Current amplifier increase input current. 2.3 Power amplifier: A power amplifier increase input power.

How does an Amplifier Work? Brief Explanation

An amplifier’s job is to turn small electric current into larger one, and there are various ways to achieve this depending on exactly what you’re trying to do.

  • You can use electromagnetic device called transformer to boost reasonably constant electric voltage. Most of us have house full of transformer without realizing it. They’re widely used to drive low-voltage appliance such as MP3 player and laptop computer from higher-voltage household power outlet,
  • They’re also used in electricity substation to convert very high-voltage electricity from power plants to much lower voltage that homes and offices require. In all these everyday cases, transformers are turning large voltage into smaller one, they’re “step-down” transformers. Still, we can use them opposite way as “step-up” device to boost smaller voltage into bigger one.
  • If input current is simply brief pulse of electricity design to switch something on or off, you can use an electromagnetic transmit to amplify it. Relay uses electromagnet to couple two electric circuits together so that when small current flows through one of circuits, much larger current flows through other. Using relay, tiny electric current can power something that would generally need much larger current to operate it.
  • Amplifier is generic term that describe circuit that produce an increased version of its input signal. However, as we will see in this introduction to amplifier tutorial, not all amplifier circuits are  same as they classified according to their circuit configurations and mode of operation.

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