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Antivirus is kind of software used to prevent, scan, detect and delete viruses from computer. Once installed, most antivirus software run automatically in background to provide real-time protection against virus attack.

An antivirus product designed to detect and remove viruses and other  Malicious software – known as malware – code can harm computers and laptops, and data on them. Devices infected by mistakably downloading malware in an attachment linked to dubious email, hidden on USB drive, or even by simply visiting dodgy website.

Once it’s on computer or laptop, malware can steal data, encrypt it so you can’t access it, or even erase it. For this reason always use antivirus software and keep it up to date to protect data and devices.

What Does Antivirus Software Do?

Several different company build antivirus software and what each offer vary but all perform some essential functions:

  • Scan specific file or directory for any malware or known malicious pattern.
  • Allow to schedule scan to run automatically
  • Allow to initiate scan of particular file or entire computer, or of CD or flash drive at any time.
  • Remove any malicious code detect –some time will be notify of an infection and ask if you want to clean file, other program will automatically do this behind scenes.
  • Show you the ‘health’ of computer.

How do Antivirus Products Work? Which Antivirus is Best and Fast?

Antivirus product work by detecting, separating and/or deleting nasty code, to prevent malware from causing damage to device. Modern antivirus product update themselves automatically, to provide protection against the latest virus and other type of malware.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. Bitdefender is best antivirus software 2023 because it offers flawless malware protection rates and security from all types of online threat. Depending on plan, Bitdefender can become your all-in-one cybersecurity suite with a VPN and password manager.

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