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Banking is the activity carried out by commercial and development banks in the various areas that make up the banking system and financial institutions, these being those that accept money in the form of a deposit and later, based on their resources, grant credits, discounts. And other financial processes for which it responsibilities interest, commissions, and expenses, if applicable.

In itself, banking is also the result of the set of financial institutions or entities that perform the function of a bank.

Types of Banking

Different types of banking enable customers’ wants and can be divided into two universal categories: retail banking and wholesale banking.

The set of banks in economic system makes up bank or banking system. There are different types of banks depending on sector this entity addresses and the size of its action. There are two types of banking:

Retail banking: most common in simple operation of people and company. In turn, it is divided into:

Private: financial advice, investment funds, etc.

From individuals: demand accounts, deposits, receipts and payrolls, mortgages, loans, etc.

Wholesale banking: intended for large volume of money from critical economic operations. It is also divided into two segments:

Investment: financial structures, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A), advice, etc.

For companies: Liability management (credit lines, factoring or confirming), asset management (loans, leasing, renting, etc.).

Based on different classification criteria, it is also possible to classify banking into other classes:

Due origin of the property of each organization or banking entity, there would be:

  • Private
  • Public

Depending on the type of operations that comprise it, we find:


  • Industrial
  • Mixed

Depending on your area of ​​operation, there are:

  • Logical
  • Regional
  • National
  • International

Banking Services

Banks provide different types of services ( banking operations ) to their customers:

They accept money deposits from their clients that consist of checking or other types of accounts, providing them with all kinds of collection, payment, transfers, etc. (banking services), which are currently frequently carried out electronically through online payments, credit and debit cards, and POS terminals.

Liability operations: they lend money from their clients through all types of loans (personal or mortgage ), credits, discounts, or other less typical functions such as factoring and leasing.

They can create bank money through the cash ratio, making accounting entries that involve the appearance of money that does not have a physical presence.

Facilitate currency exchange operations and others related to them to their clients.

They can operate in the financial markets on equal terms with the securities entities authorized therein, carrying out operations for their clients or operations and investments on behalf of the bank and its funds.

They carry out very short-term operations with other banks in the so-called interbank market to maintain their deposits and the cash ratio that we have discussed before.

Each banking entity is oriented towards a specific type of business and seeks to operate in certain areas. That is why we talk about industrial banking or commercial banking.

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