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Bluetooth technology has been increasingly use today for adapting to wireless environment. It have made it convenient to communicate computer with other peripheral devices over short distance. It is also known as Bluetooth dongle, small and inexpensive gadget that enable wireless technology on home or professional workstation to expand their potentialities.

How Bluetooth Adapter Work?

USB Bluetooth dongle are inexpensive and quick gadgets that enable Bluetooth wireless communications with personal computer. You need to plug the USB Bluetooth adapter into computer USB port, and whichever Bluetooth peripheral device you want to communicate with Bluetooth adapter for PC would possible.

Such connection involves computer to computer, smartphone, car infotainment systems, cell phones, printers, PDAs, etc. Most high-end computer software packages include dongle for licensing, which shown software can use for particular computer. But if the software doesn’t have dongle install, there could be possibility for the software to not run. It might happen due to compatibility issues.

Using Bluetooth adapter for car or PC can solve many inconveniences. The Bluetooth dongles have built-in antenna with operational wireless range of 2 to 100 meters for Bluetooth V2.0 standards. It operates on frequency of 2.4 GHz ISM band. Due to presence of memory, the adapters can transfer data at about 3MB rate.

How to Install and Fix Bluetooth Driver in Window 10

This Page is about installing Bluetooth driver in Windows 10 and fixing Bluetooth errors if they occur in Windows 10.

Here you can grab more knowledge about it.

Why Bluetooth Driver Important

  • Methods to fix Bluetooth driver error
  • Bluetooth not working
  • Fix Bluetooth not detecting device on Windows 10

Why is Window 10 Bluetooth Diver Missing

You may want to use Bluetooth headphone or microphone on Window 10, or you may want to transfer the file on mobile phone to Window 10 via Bluetooth then you find Windows 10 Bluetooth driver missing. But the problem is now you can’t find the Bluetooth anymore in the Setting window.

There are many reasons to this:

  • Corrupted driver
  • Malware
  • Outdated Windows system
  • Missing system files
  • The steps to fix these problems discussed in methods below!

How do I fix Windows 10 Bluetooth?

Here, we list solutions for you to fix missing Bluetooth drivers. Work way down list until problem is solved.

Here are three solution given below.

1: Check status of Bluetooth driver for Windows 10

2: Re-enable Bluetooth driver software in Device Manager

3: Reinstall Bluetooth driver – reinstall Bluetooth driver Windows 10.

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