The business model of a company is a tool before the business plan, whose objective is to allow a clear understanding of the type of Outsource Business Intelligence Analytics that is going to be creat and introduced in the market, to whom it is directed, how it is going to be sold and how income will be earned.

How to Design a Business Model

How to Design a Business Model

Defining the business type of a company is part of the process. For this, at least the following parameters are taken into account:


The financial value is consider one of the main bases that must be known in a business model. The costs, the selection of prices and the obtaining of income are vital points in designing a model. A company must generate money and maintain the flow of income to remain active in the market for a long time.


The activities, the customers, the human resources that the business will have, and its offers are thoughts that must be reflected in a business model so that the company can describe its strategies in the next stage.


They are design due to previous research to create a competitive business that will last in the market.

Importance of a Business Model

These are the main benefits of making a business model:

  • Competitive advantage: It can be an advantage over your competition. Implement a new model that provides new ideas.
  • Growth plan: A earlier established business model will have a financial reserve to expand.
  • Investors: If the business presents the essential to look for investors and patrons, it will be necessary to know every detail in-depth to show it since it will have to reply to each of the questions asked to know its profitability.

Elements of a Business Model

Beyond the general characteristics of a business model, there are some elements that all of them must consider to achieve business objectives. The four fundamental elements that must have a primary place in these models are:


Once you have clearly defined the public to which you direct your business, you must know the best way to approach it. Communication channels will be your best allies to advertise your products and can even be use as sales channels. A successful business model must define how you will establish contact with your audience and how they can consume your products or acquire your services.



Business models are not helpful if they do not consider the economic and financial reality. To create a general scheme of the structure of a business and its operations, for example, it is necessary to have a realistic study of the possibilities of payment and the level of indebtedness that the company’s members can acquire. You can adapt the best formula for your business with this in mind.


Although we have said before that business models differ from business plans, since the former does not seek to offer a step-by-step of the activities that have to be carry out. To meet the objectives of a company, it is vital to have an overview of the operations to be carry out by a company. Remember that adopting a  model is a previous step in planning, so you must have an idea of ​​how to start the company’s activities.


Before starting your company’s operations, you must have very well-defined members of the business community that will promote the business. Whether they are partners, investors or workers, the team members are essential to determine how you will do the goals you have set for yourself. This element is critical to choosing a business model, as some require a large staff of collaborators, and others can take off with few human resources.

Business Models on the Market:

The company that wants to sell a product and establishes. Some reward for suppliers, companies or people who attract customers or orders for their products.

Long Tail Business Model

The innovation of the extended tail business model is characterize by the fact that it offers. A  wide range of items with little demand.  But which can become profitable businesses and make profits due to the large size of minuscule sales.

Franchise or License Business Model

This type of it, franchise, allows entrepreneurs to bet on “exploiting” a business that is already proven. That works and that is replicate in a place where it does not yet exist.

Subscription Business Model

This business model consists of the user paying a subscription and receiving a value proposition that compensates for the fee paid. Classic examples are subscriptions to paid TV, magazines, newspapers and Netflix.


The business model is a document of business importance since it allows for planning. What will happen with the business that is intend to be carry out. They are use to describe and organize commercial companies and also in the context of business.