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C Plus Plus Write for Us

C Plus Plus Write for Us

C++ is  general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It created by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs circa 1980. C++ very similar to C (invented by Dennis Ritchie in early 1970s). C++ is so companionable with C that it will perhaps collect over 99% of C program without changing line of source code. However, C++ is lot of well-structured and safer language than C as it is an OOPs base.

Some computer language written for specific purpose. Like, Java was initially devised to control toaster and some other electronic. C develop for programming OS. Pascal abstracted to teach proper programming techniques. But C++ is general-purpose language. It well deserve widely acknowledge nickname “Swiss Pocket Knife of Languages.”

Who Uses C Plus Plus?

Some of today’s most visible used system have their critical parts written in C++.

Examples are

  • Amadeus (airline ticket)
  • Bloomberg (financial formation)
  • Amazon (Web commerce), Google (Web search)
  • Facebook (social media)

Many programming language depend on C++’s performance and reliability in their implementation. Example include:

  • Java Virtual Machine
  • JavaScript interpreter (e.g., Google’s V8)
  • Browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Google’s Chrome)
  • Application and Web framework (e.g., Microsoft’s .NET Web services framework).
  • Application that involve local and wide area network, user interaction, numeric, graphic, and database access highly depend on C++ language.

Basic Concepts of C++

Here are Some basic C++ concept:

C Plus Plus  Variable

Variable are the backbone of any programming language.

A variable is merely way to store some information for later use. We can retrieve this value or data referring “word” that describe this information.

Once declared and defined they may used many times within the scope in which they were say.

C Plus Plus Control Structures

When the program runs, the code is read by compiler line by line (from top to bottom and mostly left to right). This is known as “code flow.“

When code is being read from top to bottom, it may encounter a point where it need to make decision. Based on decision, program may jump to different part of the code. It may even make compiler re-run specific piece again, or just skip bunch of code.

You could think of this process like if you were to choose from different course from Guru99. You decide, click link and skip few page. In same way, computer program has set of strict rule to decide flow of program execution.

C++ Data Structures

Let’s use list of course on “guru99” as example! You perhaps have list of course in front of you. But how do you think they stored that. There can be lot of course, and different user may register for different courses. Do they generate different variable for each user? For example, let say we need to keep track of 10 course.

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