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CTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It is video system that consist of strategically place video camera around an area that record footage, and then transmit to display monitor(s) for real-time viewing as well as footage playback.

A CCTV system therefore refer to all aspect and component that make up system, such as camera, wiring, video footage storage (via the cloud or digital video recorder), monitor, access control and general system management.

Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business

Here, we run through some of top benefit that this safety system can bring to businesses of all type, and why it is great thing to have install at business premises.

1. Crime deterrent

It goes without saying that having CCTV camera install at premise will act as serious warning to criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activities. Frightening anyone planning to carry out crime from doing so. The vision of CCTV camera assume an air of danger and presence of law.

2. Monitor Activities

CCTV system able to keep track of what is happening at premise where they installed. By monitoring activity of worker and visitor at business’ site, you and workforce have total peace of mind about what going on under roof.

3. Collect Evidence

In unfortunate event of crime taking place at premises, having CCTV system really does pay dividend as it provide way of collecting evidence to help ‘suss out’ exactly what happened. Crime can solve far more easily with additional evidence from CCTV camera, helping place time, location and, most importantly suspect.

4. Decision Making

When it come to settling dispute, footage from security cameras incredibly important. So, this apply to both domestic and commercial scenarios. Whether it’s dealing with family disagreements, employee argument or quarrel between staff and customer, by referring to CCTV footage, you’ll know truth.

5. Keep Records

It always good idea to keep record of when staff are coming into and checking out of site, as well as when delivery made or visitors enter building, so you ensure everything’s running smoothly.

There are many further reason why CCTV really is an advantageous installation for any business premises, so why not consider getting camera installed at company’s site and give yourself and staff total peace of mind in safety of operation?

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