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CDMA Write for Us

CDMA Write for Us

CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. It is a channel access method and an example of multiple access. Multiple access means that information by several transmitter sent simultaneously onto single communication channel.

CDMA History

CDMA based around form of transmission known as the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum. The CDMA history directly links back to the 1940s when this form of transmission first imagine. As electronic technology improves, it used for secret military transmission given that transmission looks like noise, it is difficult to read without knowledge of right code, and it is difficult to jam.

With the revolution in cellular telecommunication that occurred in the 1980s, a little-known company name Qualcomm working on DSSS transmission started to look at this asap  basis for cellular telecommunication multiple access scheme – CDMA – code division multiple access.

The concept of CDMA had proven in field and accordingly Qualcomm was join by US network operators Nynex and Ameritech to develop first experimental CDMA system. Later, the team expanded as Motorola and AT&T (now Lucent) joined to bring their resource to speed development.

How CDMA Technology Works?

Post digitization of data evenly spread over entire available bandwidth. Several call overlap in channel assign unique sequencing code; it is a form of Spread Spectrum technique as mentioned earlier in which data sent in small chuchunks over thumbed of frequencies available for use at any point within the  specified.

All user’s data transmitted in the same way across wide band of spectrum. A unique spreading code is use to spread user signal over entire spectrum. At receiving end , same code is use for signal recovery. It require accurate time stamp on every chunk of signal. Multiple calls carried out on same channel space as single analog call.

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