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What is a Computer System? – Components, Examples, and more

In computing, a computer system is a term used to refer to any system designed to host, retrieve, and process data in a logical and automated manner. To achieve this, computer systems, also known as IS, use different computational components capable of performing specific tasks necessary to fulfil the essential objective of the system. These components include electronic parts such as storage units, circuits, processors, etc.


From the logical and operational section, through all the physical devices that support the system, to the operator users who supply and use the data generated by the system, all computer systems need three components or essential elements that allow their operation. Here we describe what they are:


Software Software is the logical and virtual component of a computer system. In this way, the software is spoken of as all that information, programming elements and data that are virtual and intangible but, at the same time, are essential for the IS to operate in an automated manner and fulfil its operational purpose.


The hardware is made up of all the peripheral devices that enable the functions of the computer system. It ranges from the screws that hold the pieces together to the circuits and boards that process and transport information through each computer part. Thanks to the hardware, a computer system can solve tasks and analyze computer data.

Human ware

Also known as the human component, human ware is the human part that engages with the human system. In other words, it refers to man’s participation in the different phases of the functionality of a computer system. From the design and programming stage to implementation and maintenance, the human component is an essential part of the successful application, regardless of its objective.


Currently, it is possible to find endless computer systems applied to almost everything around us. It is because technology and the use of IS have a close link that benefits and facilitates many human tasks. Here are some examples of computer systems :

Quality Control Systems

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Quality control systems are made up of a series of tests or parameters that allow evaluating the condition of a product or service. Currently, many quality control systems are based on the implementation of an SI, which, in addition to offering feedback. Between the client and the company, allows the storage of data referring to the evaluation of an element and, according to the indicated parameters, approve or reject said item. element.


A spreadsheet is a digital template that allows you to enter data of any kind and subsequently designate organization or quantification parameters to obtain specific results. In essence, a spreadsheet is a perfect example of what a computer system represents. Which is why it is often a typical example of the use of IS for business, work, administrative and educational purposes.

Smart Databases

As their name indicates, Databases are digital information sources with criteria for grouping and selecting elements. In this way, for example, it remains possible to obtain information regarding a particular book or publication within the catalogue of a library.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems, or GIS, are software that allows you to enter coordinate data. Georeferenced images and information of any kind to create digital cartographies that jointly represent all the information entered. GIS is a perfect example of how computer systems are use in engineering, urban planning and demographic study.

Online Banking Systems

Online banking systems are digital platforms that allow bank users to access. Their accounts and bank information without going to the bank’s facilities. Banking systems are SIs that store user data and provide access. To information and functions delegated by the bank when a person accesses the platform.

Social Media

Networks are computer systems that, as in the previous case, allow users to access a series of functions previously designated by the programming team. Social networks such as SI can enable users to enter information, the store said information to generate a database that may or may not be seen by other users, and perform different tasks based on the data entered.

Application Software

In essence, application software works like computer systems. Regardless of the tasks they can fulfil, application software or program uses the user’s information to follow later a series of programmed. Instructions to process this data and offer concrete results. From calculation programs to internet browsers, they are all computer systems apply to application software.

Security Systems

Security systems of any kind are elements that, as their name indicates, provide greater security to the people who implement them. From the security mechanisms that a bank has to the security cameras and alarms that a store or residence may have. Security systems use software and hardware support to safeguard resources or the well-being of people.


The characteristics that define any computer system are the following:

  • A computer system is design to obtain or receive data since, without information, it cannot carry out any task.
  • It allows the automation of processes since the logistics programming behind an IS is focused on carrying out tasks. Autonomously through a series of previously establish parameters and criteria.
  • They operate safely and uninterrupted as long as they are design. It is possible thanks to the fact that a computer system works following logical instructions. So they do not need human intervention to operate (except for the use given by users or the maintenance processes carried out by technicians).
  • The main objective of any SI is to offer new and better-living conditions to human beings. From improving security and communication to optimizing industrial productivity.
  • Every computer system must allow the management of each software and hardware component by people. It is possible to change its functions or solve technical problems in this way.
  • Generally speaking, they should allow friendly management that can be monitor by human staff.


A computer system remains a “complete” computer that comprises the hardware, operating system (leading software), and peripheral gear needed and used for “full” operation. The term may also refer to a group of linked and meaningful composed computers. Such as a computer network or computer bunch.

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