How to Create a Content Strategy for your Business

A content strategy identifies what type of media your business should use to reach its target market. It also outlines a calculated plan for creating and distributing this content, from the images or videos you post on Facebook and Instagram to blogging posts or an ebook. It is a critical element of your overall marketing strategy, as content allows you to consolidate your brand’s voice and identity when communicating with your audience.

Why do You Need a Content Strategy?

A content strategy will further define your marketing goals and help you achieve them. Having a transparent system for your marketing content will help you (or your marketing team) work more efficiently by creating precise tasks for creating and publishing content, defining goals, and monitoring the progress of your business.

By being proactive with your marketing efforts, you’ll understand which techniques work and don’t work for your business. For example, you will be able to distinguish which marketing channels are the most effective or which topics involve your target audience the most.

What Can you Achieve With a Content Strategy?

A business’s content strategy will vary based on its marketing goals. Here are some things that any business can achieve with a good content plan:

Create Brand Awareness

Your brand. It is one of the most important goals, especially when starting your business. Before you start selling, your customers need to know who you are. Brand awareness is often achieve on social channels, so part of your brand strategy should focus on creating a detailed social media calendar with content that generates interest, encourages engagement, and improves visibility.

Drive Traffic to your Website

One of your business goals should be driving traffic to your website, and compelling content can help you do just that. Your content strategy can mean creating a blog with regular updates and well-written posts. Each post can be optimize with specific keywords and other elements to help you improve SEO or search engine optimization. Your

Convert Leads

Once your content strategy proves effective in driving traffic to your website and social channels, the next goal you’ll want to achieve is converting leads into customers. Very briefly, the ways to accomplish this are by including calls to action in your content or offering your potential customers a regular range (such as a newsletter) that converts them into repeat customers. For example, a weekly newsletter is a great way to keep potential customers up to date and engaged with your business.

Types of Marketing Content

With new channels popping up overnight, it can be hard to know what kind of marketing is going to draw customers to your brand. The term “content” encompasses various media types, networks, and also,  platforms. Below you will find the most common forms of content ideas used by small businesses:

Social Media Posts

Several social networks have proven effective for online advertising. But that does not mean that your business should be in all of them. Consider where you want to reach your target market effectively and select a few channels to post regularly. Next, optimize your content based on the types of media your audience engages with, like images, videos, text, or interactive posts.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can offer additional value to your customers in the form of guides. Information about your services, or highlighting how other customers used your product. Creating a blog will establish your online presence, and, in addition, the more you publish, the more you will establish yourself as an expert in your niche.


Whether tutorials or promotional, videos allow you to speak directly to your customers. You can use them to demonstrate how your product is used, introduce your team, highlight case studies, or create clever ad campaigns. By revealing a more personal side to your business, video content has the potential to be highly engaging and shareable. If video content works for your strategy, consider starting a YouTube channel for your business. And also, creating a webinar that will attract new customers.


An ebook is an intricate piece of written content that functions as a multi-page marketing resource for your business. Like blogs, ebooks offer additional value to your customers by providing. Helpful information, practical advice, guides, or insights about your business or industry.

How to Create a Content Strategy

Let’s breakdown down the procedure of creating a content strategy. Before you start generating the content, you may find it helpful to follow these steps, so you don’t waste valuable resources on materials that serve no purpose or value.

  • Determine your goals
  • Know your audience
  • Browse the competition
  • choose your channels
  • Create a content calendar
  • Measure and adapt


A content marketing strategy is similar to a roadmap or a plan. While it’s not set in stone, a marketing strategy is a set of rules to help you grow from point A to B.

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