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Cyber Security Write for Us

Cyber Security Write for Us

Cyber security is discipline that cover how to defend device and service from electronic attack by nefarious actor such as hacker, spammer, and cybercriminal. While some cyber security components are design to strike first, most of today’s professionals focus more on determining best way to defend all assets, from computers and smartphones to network and databases, from attack.
Cyber security is catch-all term in media to describe protection against every form of cybercrime, from identity theft to international digital weapons. These label are valid, but they fail to capture true nature of cyber security for those without computer science degree or experience in the digital industry.

Why is Cyber Security it Important?

Cyber security is vital because smartphones, computer, and internet are now such fundamental part of modern life that it’s difficult to imagine how we’d function without them. Online banking and shopping, email, and social media,  important to take steps that prevent cyber criminals from getting hold of our account, data, and devices.

What is Cyber Security and Some Cyber Threat

Cybercrime is any unauthorized activity involving computer, device, or network. There are three generally recognize classifications of cybercrime: computer-assisted crimes, crimes where the computer targeted, and crimes where computer is incidental to crime somewhat directly related.
Here is list of shared cyber threat:
Cyberterrorism: This threat is politically-based attacks on computer and information technology that cause harm and create widespread social disruption.
Malware: This threat encompasses ransomware, spyware, virus, and worms. It installs harmful software, blocks computer resource access, disrupts the system, or covertly transmits information from data storage.
Adware: This threat is form of malware. It’s often called advertisement-supported software. The adware virus is potentially unwanted program (PUP) installed without permission and automatically generate unwanted online advertisement.
SQL injection: A Structured Query Language attack inserts malicious code into an SQL-using server.
Phishing: Hacker use false communication, especially email, to fool recipient into opening it and following instruction that typically ask for personal information. Some phishing attacks also install malware.

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