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One of most incredible things people learn. As this is known, electronic revolution speed up computer revolution, and both transform many areas of our live. But how exactly do nanoscopically small particle, far too small to see, achieve something so big and dramatic? they, store money. So, carry sound of voice into other people’s home. They bring airplane onto land and guide car safely to their destination—even fire off airbag if we get into trouble. It’s incredible to think just how many things “they” actually do. “They” are electrons: tiny particles within atom that march around define path known as circuit carrying electrical energy.

Let’s take closer look and find out!

History OF Electronics

Electronics era began with invention of vacuum diode in 1897. A vacuum tube consist of two electrode plate, i.e., anode and cathode. It allow current direction in one direction. However, diode is not able to control current flow. In 1906, Lee De Forest modify and named it Vacuum Triode. Triode has three terminal—Anode, Cathode, and Grid terminal. Grid electrode control current flow from anode to cathode. This feature boost power of electrical signal. Likewise, Tetrode and Pentode evolve.

Advantages of Electronics

Electronic device play significant role in everyday life. The various electronic device we use in everyday life include.

  1. Computers

Nowadays, computers are using everywhere. At home, computer use for playing game, watching movie, researching, paying bills, and reserving ticket for railways and airlines. At school, student use computer to complete their assignment.

  1. Mobile phone

Mobile phone use for various purpose, such as sending text message.

  1. ATM

ATM is electronic telecommunication device mainly use for withdrawing money at any time from anywhere. ATM stand for automated teller machine. Customer start money up to specific limit anytime during day or night.

  1. Television

Television is electronic device primarily use for entertainment and knowledge. It use for watching movies for entertainment, news for learning, and cartoons for children.

  1. Digital camera

Digital camera use for taking picture and video. This image and video store for later reproduction.

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