Twitch could be a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for a solid live video streaming platform like Twitch on Roku. This tremendous app must be used for online gaming, chat channels, watching streams, and many other platform. In terms of being a great live streaming service, it is ideal for chatting while watching sports.

However, the purchase no longer includes a income to watch Twitch on the Roku system. Next all, Roku TV is one of Amazon’s players. Twitch used to have a full-featured app for Roku strategies.

How To Find And Watch Twitch On A Roku

How To Watch Twitch On Roku (2)

Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming services around, and it’s a must if you want to watch your favorite streamer play the latest games. It’s a staple on consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and even the Nintendo Switch. Even Roku used to offer Twitch as a free channel for owners, but that’s no longer the case.

While there’s no longer an official way to watch Twitch on Roku, viewers aren’t locked out of the live streaming platform for good. If you’re fine with simply watching a stream without official support from Roku or Twitch, then there are a couple different ways to make that happen rather fast. Roku lets you add channels through a code, even if they aren’t available in the store, so you can start watching a stream in a matter of minutes if you know exactly what to enter in, and where to do it.

How to watch Twitch on Roku

There are two different routes for people to take when it comes to watching Twitch on Roku. If you’ve already watched Twitch through the official app when it existed, you’ll be able to get it again. This only applies to people who have previously installed the app in the past. It will not apply to somebody who is trying to watch Twitch for the first time on their Roku account.

For those that already downloaded the Twitch app previously (before it was removed from Roku devices in 2017), you can go to the Roku website and log into a Roku account. From there, under Manage Account, select “Add channel with a code” and enter “twitchtv” to add the channel. Roku will notify you that it is a “non-certified channel,” but you can confirm and then select “Yes, add channel” from the confirmation, and you should be all set.

Doing all this will redownload the app for you, but you will have to ignore some warnings from Roku. This shouldn’t be an issue as it’s just letting you know it’s no longer a channel “certified” by Roku. After that, you’re all done. The app will be available in your list of channels, and all you’ll have to do is log into your Twitch account and start watching again. If you’ve never downloaded the official Twitch app in the past, you’ll have to go down a different path.

How to watch Twitch without the official app on Roku

How to watch Twitch without the official app on Roku

You’re still in luck if you’ve never downloaded the original Twitch app because there’s an unofficial method to start watching streams. Aptly titled “Twoku,” a portmanteau of Roku and Twitch, this is an app that lets you log in and watch Twitch streams on your Roku set. You add this channel the same way you would re-add the official Twitch channel, but through a different channel code.

From that same “Add channel with a code” menu under your own Roku account, you instead will type in either the “TWOKU” or “C6ZVZD” code, and then follow the same confirmation process.

You’ll again have to confirm you want to download the channel by ignoring the warning given by Roku. However, you’re good to go after that. This isn’t an officially supported channel, so it’s not vetted by Roku. This could mean the support could end abruptly due to a change on Twitch’s or even Roku’s end, so just keep that in mind if you lose access to the app in the future.

Navigating the Twoku app will feel almost like the regular Twitch app if you’re familiar with it. You’ll have access to chat, emotes, and even VODs, so it’s a lot like the real thing.

How do you watch Twitch on your TV if you do not have a Roku device?

Based on our findings, opening it will simply display a communication stating that the channel is no longer working, even if you have the track download. As a result, if you want to watch Twitch on your TV, you will need to use another streaming solution. With Chrome Cast, you can watch Twitch on your tablet or laptop and “cast” the video to your TV. This will supported big screen mode on all your favorite streams.

Several streaming devices include native Twitch software. They are the following:

  1. All Amazon Fire TVs
  2. Playstation 4
  3. Xbox One
  4. Apple TV

Twitch launched the Apple TV service in late 2019. Twitch Some smart TVs already take in Twitch software. If you have a Samsung brand smart TV and a Samsung mobile device, you will use the Samsung Smart View app to stream Twitch from your mobile screen to the TV.

How to watch Twitch on TV

The Twitch application is compatible with different types of devices, but is present only on two TV systems natively: webOS, exclusive to LG, and Android TV, which runs on models from different brands. As of now, the app is not compatible with Samsung TVs running the Tizen OS.

On LG televisions (webOS)

LG TVs running the webOS system have native support for the Twitch app, which was initially released without the user login option (!). However, the app was recently updated and now allows you to log into your profile and access the channels you already follow.

  1. Access the LG TV menu and open the “LG Content Store” application (stock icon);
  2. Select the app store search tool (magnifying glass icon);
  3. With the remote control, type “Twitch” (without quotes) and confirm;
  4. The TV will locate the Twitch app, select it;
  5. Select the “Install” button and confirm;
  6. After installation, open the Twitch app and click “Sign in”;
  7. With your cell phone, scan the QR code displayed on the screen or visit;
  8. Enter the 8-digit code displayed on the TV screen;
  9. Tap “Activate” and then “Authorize.”

On Android TV (decoders and televisions)

Televisions from manufacturers such as Sony and TCL, which use Android TV as their operating system, are compatible with the Twitch app, which can be installed from the Google Play Store. The same goes for compatible decoders, such as Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick, among others.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app;
  2. In the search field, type “Twitch” (without quotes) and confirm;
  3. Download and install the Twitch app.

On Apple TV

  1. On the Apple TV panel, click the “App Store” icon;
  2. Click “Search”;
  3. In the search field, type “Twitch” (without quotes) and confirm;
  4. Download and install the Twitch app.


The latter also works on all the above steps to have Twitch on Roku Reddit, while Twitch has verified the last phases to close Twitch on Roku. May work on older Roku replicas. Twitch is a fantastic live video streaming site for all gamers.

It started with video games, allowing professional players to submit their gameplay footage and newbies to view them. However, since its inception, it has expanded to include streams dedicated to artwork, music, chat shows, and occasionally television series.

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