Leeford Tablet Uses In Hindi Leeford Tablet is useful in the resulting diseases like headache, body ache, fever, muscle pain, mustache pain etc. Leeford Tablet is less effective. Leeford Tablet is available as per the tablets from this there are other uses.

Leeford Tablet is also used according to the person’s age, disease, gender and physical condition of the person. To use Leeford Tablet, it is necessary to take doctor’s advice because using Leeford Tablet also has some side effects. If you take Leeford tablet wrongly, you may have to suffer harm, so take it as per the doctor’s advice.

What is Leeford Tablet?

Before significant Leeford Tablet Uses In Hindi, you should also know what Leeford Tablet is or how it works, so we will give this information.

Let’s find out what the Leeford Tablet is.

Leeford Tablet is a homeopathic tablet you use for the following diseases like swelling, twist, body pain, headache, fever etc. This medicine is mainly used to relieve cold, fever, allergy and headache. The amount of Leeford tablet to be taken depends on your past records and also your age, gender and health, therefore you must take medical advice before taking this medicine.

Leeford Tablet Uses In Hindi

Leeford Tablet is used in many diseases. It is mainly used to relieve allergies, headache, fever, pain, swelling, sprain etc.


Use of Leeford Tablet: If a person is suffering from cold then its use is very effective for him. Therefore, if you or any of your family members have the problem of cold, then you can advise him to use Leeford tablet.

But you should also know under what conditions of winter we should use Leeford Tablet. First of all, before taking it, you should know in what quantity or in what form we have to take Leeford Tablet. You can easily use Leeford tablet by asking the doctor at what time we have to take it or in what dose we have to take it.


If you have fever then you can use Leeford tablet but you can use this tablet only for a some degree of fever. If you have malaria, jaundice or very high fever, then you should not take this medicine because this medicine can also cause side effects for you at that time, so if you have normal fever then you can easily use Leeford tablet. But if If you are suffering from a disease like fever or malaria or jaundice, then you should use Leeford Tablet after taking doctor’s advice and showing you the best treatment for fever.

Benefits of Leeford Tablet

Leeford Tablet is very beneficial for you for many diseases. The benefits of using Leeford Tablet are as follows.

  • Helpful for pain and allergies . Leeford Tablet is also very helpful for pain and allergies if you have body ache, headache or any sprain or are allergic to anything.
  • It is beneficial in respiratory system. Leeford tablets also strengthen your breathing as Leeford tablets contain chocolate content which helps in improving your breathing.
  • Apart from this, Leeford tablet also proves to be very useful in headache, body ache, allergy, cough and cold. If you use Leeford, you can get rid of all these diseases.

Product details

Flavour Unflavoured
Primary Supplement Type Ayurvedic natural ingredients
Net Quantity 2.00 count
Item Form Tablet
Item Weight 120 Grams
Item dimensions L x W x H 5.5 x 5.5 x 9.5 Centimeters
Special Ingredients BHRINGRAJ, AMLA, CHITRAK
Diet Type Vegetarian
Product Benefits Improve digestion

Customer Reviews: 3. 0

About this item

  • Helps to Improves digestion & appetite and keeps liver healthy.
  • Helps to Correct liver dysfunction & damage.
  • Helps in Protecting liver from various hepatotoxins.
  • Detoxifies & cleanses liver for its smooth functioning.
  • Avert various liver infections.


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