How to Motivate and Encourage Employees?

Work motivate is one of the biggest concerns for those who manage a company’s human capital. Retaining talent within the company has become part of the business strategy, so knowing the keys, techniques and actions to motivate employees is essential for the proper development of the company.

Why Motivate Employees?

Without a doubt, employees must be motivated, but why? What is the most significant benefit they provide?

Employees who are motivated can perform much better because they feel better and happier in their jobs. Therefore they perform tasks more effectively.

Usually, workers who feel valued and motivated can have new ideas and transmit them to their superiors, so large companies strive to keep their employees motivated.

Keys to Motivate Workers

There can be many ways to motivate an employee, and many times it will depend on the type of worker and person. But, without a doubt, some of the keys to motivating workers are:


Companies have to adapt to changes. It necessarily implies becoming more flexible, adopting new work models and facilitating the conciliation of professionals.


Given the reactivation of the market, training and improving the skills of professionals is essential. For companies, betting on reviewing procedures and updating the knowledge of their staff is an investment in the future: it increases their self-esteem, progress, and desire to train.

Reward Employees

When new professional achievements are achieve, it is necessary to convey gratitude and good wishes to employees. Efforts should be the reward. It is not a monetary prize but something tangible with which the employee feels valued and recognized.

Growth and Possibility of Promotion

The company’s growth is directly proportional to the growth of its employees. Promoting the professional development of the workforce translates into giving them new responsibilities, assigning them exciting projects, and thinking about development plans.

Techniques and Tips to Motivate Employees

Next, we show you the most relevant techniques to promote work motivation:


When we want to give advice clearly, it should always be constructive. A single piece of advice cannot change a person’s motivation. However, we must not underestimate the impact that advice given in the right way at the right time can have on an employee.

To increase its effectiveness, the council must have the following conditions:

  • Identify the problem specifically or the ultimate goal.
  • Explain why or why the change is essential.
  • Recommend a specific shift.

Any advice is beneficial if the company offers alternative strategies to change and helps you make the necessary change.

Encourage them to Show Their Opinion

You must be aware of what they think and what happens at all times with them. It is advisable to hold weekly meetings with each employee. This way, you will gain trust, and the employee will feel comfortable with you. You have to try to build a space of trust with him to help solve situations of work problems caused by demotivation, stress, etc.

Future’s Expectations

Ensures that each employee performs the position best suits their professional skills and competencies. It has remained proven that a person who is not trained to carry out the activities of a specific post will soon lose motivation. It may be due to her feeling bored because she is overqualified, and her abilities exceed what is required. This may also be due to insecurity and stress due to the lack of preparation to meet the position’s requirements.

Flexible Policies

Flexible policies create happy and engaged employees. It has been proven that flexible working contributes to higher productivity, and also, to reduced costs for absenteeism or turnover. It helps a lot to know your employees and their situation personally. This approach will allow you to have valuable information to motivate your work team, giving them flexibility where they most appreciate it and adapting it to their personal needs, either in:

  • Working hours
  • Days off
  • External activities: tickets to theatre, cinema, etc.
  • reduced hours
  • Internal contests that include coexistence with employees and family

Habits that Help Motivation

When night falls, spend 20 minutes doing these tasks:

Learn from What Happened Throughout the Day

You must think about everything that has happened and also, analyze the day’s events. What has gone well? What has failed? In what area could you improve? How would you do it? This way, you can avoid making the same mistakes every day. Analysis and constant learning will allow you to evolve faster. Identify three things you have learned that day that can help you improve.

Visualize your Goals

If you’re not intensely involved with your goals, getting sidetracked and also, losing perspective is easy. Before sleeping, visualize all your dreams, everything you are working for.

Relax your Mind.

Sometimes life is chaotic and can lead you in different directions. Relaxing your mind is a crucial element to achieving your goals and also, improving your productivity. Meditation will help you lower your stress level, prevent burnout syndrome and avoid insomnia, among many other things.


Work motivation helps all company employees offer great performance and also, work for the organization’s objectives. Having motivating workers is essential for the proper functioning of the company. It is necessary to know how to encourage employees and also, make them feel like crucial figures within the company.

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