One Card Review the Best Free Metal Credit Card


One Card Review 2023 is India’s ultimate guide to free metal credit cards. This review will thoroughly examine OneCard and its various features, such as travel benefits, rewards, customer service, and robust security protocol. With a focus on convenience and value for money, this review will help potential customers make a knowledgeable choice when selecting the best metal card for their needs. With various options from different issuers available, we hope to ensure that customers find the best option within their budget. This review lets readers easily decide if OneCard is the right fit for them.

What is One Card?

OneCard is a Visa Credit Card introduce by a fintech start-up FPL Technologies, in partnership with IDFC First Bank. They became prevalent because of their initial waitlist-based invitation procedure, but now they have opened the card to all eligible individuals. The greatest thing about OneCard is its look. Their app is perfect compared to the apps of some bigger banks, providing ease of use and transparency in reward points. They also have a OneScore App where you can keep track of your CIBIL Score once every month for free.

How to Get A Free Onecard Metal Credit Card

Getting a free OneCard metal credit card is easy and exciting. You must sign up for their rewards program online and instantly receive your free card. With the OneCard, you can get fantastic rewards such as cashback, discounts, and redeemable points. You’ll even enjoy no-cost access to their great customer support team to get responses quickly if needed. Best of all, the OneCard Review 2023 awards its top marks for being India’s best free metal credit card. Sign up now and discover why this card is highly sought after.

Benefits of Having A OneCard Metal Credit Card

A OneCard metal credit card has plenty of great benefits, allowing users to enjoy tailored spending, convenience, cashback rewards, and more. Clients can be safe in knowing that their financial information is well-protected through industry-leading features such as EMV chips and contactless payment technology. The OneCard also provides exciting discounts, promotions, and partner offers across lifestyle stores and retail merchants. With all these features and more, it’s easy to see why having a OneCard metal credit card is one of the best decisions you can make when looking for a free card in India.

Pros and Cons of the OneCard Compared to Other Cards

Selecting a credit card is an important decision, and OneCard’s features make it an excellent choice for those in India. The OneCard offers several benefits that might not be seen with other cards, such as an unlimited rewards program with no expiration and no annual or foreign transaction fees. Furthermore, the card gives cardholders exclusive travel, dining, shopping, and more offers. While these conveniences make the OneCard attractive, potential users should consider potential downsides before deciding.

For instance, the OneCard requires a minimum income of ₹4 lakhs annually for eligibility – more than some competing cards – and cash advance fees apply if you remove emergency funds from your credit line. A thoughtful examination of all these pros and cons can help you decide which credit card will give you the best value for your needs.

OneCard and Banking Partners

OneCard does not have a license to issue credit cards. So, it gives cards in partnership with several commercial banks. To put it simply, this is like a co-branded credit card. Unlike BNPL cards like Uni and Slice, backed by a loan, OneCard is a ‘normal’ unsecured credit card. Right now, OneCard partners with:

  • IDFC First Bank – Slowly getting phased out
  • Federal Bank
  • SBM Bank
  • South Indian Bank
  • BoB Financial


Overall the experience of OneCard is satisfactory, and I will recommend it for first-time users—a lifetime free card with a considerably good reward rate with accelerated points. Soon, this card will surely give the best returns on the transactions and value of money.

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