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What is an Online Price Comparator, and What is it For?

An online price comparator or shopping comparison engine is responsible for collecting product and price information from participating retailers and then displaying all the information. On a single page, compare each product. In this way, it is possible to compare the prices, services, and shipping options that each retailer offers all on one page.

Why are Price Comparators Important for My Online Store?

According to data published by the information platform, more than 80% of users who make purchases on the Internet compare prices before choosing a product. Using an online price comparator is not only beneficial for buyers who want to get the best price on the net. To increase our online business‘s visibility and the number of clicks. Including our products on one of these platforms can be an exciting option.

The Rise of Online Comparators

When it comes to comparing prices, there are applications like these that allow users to know. The prices of hundreds of products quickly and without leaving the site. The ease of use and the fact of connecting with a simple mobile phone have meant that price comparators are used. Even by potential buyers who plan to go to a physical store to make their purchase.

What is a Price Comparator, and How does it Work?

A price comparator is an app or website that offers an optimized search service for products for sale in online businesses. The operation is effortless: you have to enter the product’s name in the shopping search engine. It will show us, then, a list from lowest to the highest price.  With images of the product, a description of it, reviews (if, and each seller’s taller.

The Origin of Price Comparators

Price comparators have existed practically since the Internet took its first steps. These websites, now also available as mobile and tablet apps, have been develop and improved over the years. Today, its use has become essential for buyers and online sellers.

The Importance of a Price Comparator for our Online Business

Nowadays, users know that most online stores offer discounts and also, offer that, many times, cannot be found in physical stores. If our business is based on online sales, working with a price comparator could attract more traffic to our store. For these and new reasons, working with a suitable price comparator can be exciting and help us improve some aspects of our business:

Get Visibility

Marketing campaigns help publicize a product, but price comparison tools have gained. A relevant position in companies that want to reach consumers. Many online stores that want to gain visibility see online comparators and the constant flow of visits. Which is an excellent opportunity to make themselves known.

Know What our Competitors do

That our company appears in an online comparator allows us to know the characteristics and prices of. The products of our most direct competitors. Understanding how others do it can help us design a good pricing strategy. And, where appropriate, launch special offers to attract more consumers.

Strengthen the Image and Quality of our Online Business

There are applications to compare prices where users can evaluate their purchases. Obtaining good reviews on this platform is very important to give a positive image and also, reinforce our presence in online commerce.

What Can Price Comparator be the Best for My Online Store?

Today, specific price comparators and also, others allow you to compare all kinds of products and also,  services (hotels, clothing, restaurants, etc. Most give the option, in addition, to set alerts for price drops, compare sellers and contrast the reviews of other clients. Knowing the characteristics of the price comparators in the market will help us choose the one we need for our business.


As its name indicates, an online price comparator is a tool that can be accessed through the Internet and also.  Allows us to compare the prices of services and also, products between different websites or e-commerce. It gives us a better perspective of which costs are better within a given market.

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