Pex 57m tencent – Pex, the market leader in digital rights technology, has announced a $57m investment. The round was joined by existing investors Tencent. Tencent Music Entertainment, CueBall Group, NexGen Ventures Partners, Amaranthine and others with additional participation.

The investment will help expand Pex’s Attribution Engine (AE), the licensing infrastructure for a better Internet. AE creates a single market for digital content, changing the way creators, rights holders and platforms do business by fair compensation and increased access to copyrighted content. It stands to break down the online content licensing barrier once and for all.

According to Rusty Turek, founder and CEO of Pex says “Attribution is essential to the Internet; it can help protect copyright without stifling creativity,”

57m Tencent

57m Tencent

Pex, a startup that aims to give rightsholders more control over how their content is used and reused online, has raised $57 million in new funding. The round comes from Sosa Ventures and Illuminate Ventures, as well as existing investors, including Tencent. Tencent Music Entertainment, CueBall Group, NexGen Ventures Partners, Amaranthine, and others.

Tencent is a multinational technology and entertainment company. Company holding headquartered in Shenzhen. It is one of the world’s highest-grossing multimedia companies by revenue. It is also the world’s biggest company in the video game industry based on its funds, with Tencent Games. A subdivision of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG), focused on publishing games.

TechCrunch has written that  Pex previously raised $7M, and last year acquired music rights startup Dub set. Founder and CEO Rusty Turek told that while the product is describe as a Google-like search engine for rights holders to find copyright infringements in a broader platform, to process and manage online payments Copy the vision to build a better system.

Pex Tencent 64mtechcrunch

Most companies today identify the importance of global warming. As such, they are redefining their goals in an effort to address the climate change issue.

Imagining Partners, a Seoul-based venture capital firm, has secured its latest impact fund. The oversubscribed $64 million (76.8 billion KRW) Envisioning Climate Solutions (ECS) Fund, to back startups combating the climate crisis.

Hyunjoo Je, the managing partner of Envisioning Partners, told TechCrunch that climate change had been one of the significant impact domains since the inception of Envisioning Partners.

We decided to launch a 100% dedicated fund for climate solutions. Je said that we do not have much time left to solve the climate problem and need to act fast [as we can] to help our society better prepare for the massive transitions ahead.

Pex 57m Tencent 64mtechcrunch

Pex 57m Tencent 64mtechcrunch

This segment has raised $64 million in Series C funding, with Y Combinator Continuity Fund and GV leading the round. The Continuity Fund is a $700 million fund led by former Twitter COO Ali Roghani, and it writes you select checks to YC startups as they raise large rounds.

As part of the deal, Rugani will join the segment’s board of directors. He announced the funding and said the startup is “well on its way to suitable one of the most successful Y Combinator companies.”

Segment’s three founders, including CEO Peter Reinhardt, left MIT to attend YC’s summer 2011 program. The company’s products allow businesses to feed their online data to various analytics and marketing tools. Therefore they combine that data with customer information from Stripe, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Zendesk.

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Pex  is a Developer of a digital rights technology design to provide transparency and accuracy to license and manage content. The company’s technology operates at speed and scale to allow transactions that were previously thought impossible. It simplifies licensing on a global scale, enabling digital platforms to make real-time decisions about content and creators to utilize copyright content without fear and ensure rightsholders can be appropriately credited and reward.

Tencent Games

Tencent Games

Tencent Games was found in 2003 to develop online games for the company’s QQ platform. However, this quickly fade away, and other titles began to developed. Many of these games have been release only in China and are political, usually praising Xi Jinping or the Communist Party of China.

Tencent is now contributing to several Triple-A titles around the world. Tencent owns League of Legends and a portion of Fortnight and PUBG 0e2b835d-4d9a-4b8b-b009-988741022e8c . It acquired Ubisoft stock in 2018, a majority stake in Grinding Gear Games. Significant stakes in Riot Games, Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, and Supercell. It means that juggernaut titles like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, and also Clash of Clans are all inspired by Tencent.

Not content with simply buying up the shares of other developers and publishers, Tencent has built its game design studio. Most recently, this has resulted in the release of the famous Call of Duty mobile game.


Pex is a digital rights technology company that enables the fair and transparent use of copyright online. With Pex’s advanced identity technology. Customers can simplify licensing, brand protection, and compliance at the speed and scale of the Internet.

Pex has spent seven years breaking new ground and pushing technologies to new limits. Its vision has always been to deliver a set of technologies that brought transparency, accuracy, and, most importantly, trust to digital rights and content, notes Turek.