A Guide to Unlocking the Power of Elemental Awakening Script


The elemental awakening script is a Roblox game that was introduced in 2021. This game has over 1.7 million visits on this platform. Element awakening features have many elements that your character can obtain and use. Using this element unlock the skill of that element which is the most significant factor in how strong your character is, making the feature very important. We want to list that the best element also depends on the players.

About Element Awakening

Element awakening is a game with so much potential. In this game, legendry, Divine, and ancient dragons are the most powerful dragon character. But to access that power, they must first be awakened. In this, dragons all have one element unlocked first, and the other two have unlocked through awakening. The first awakening costs gold, which can start at level 20; the second gets gems, beginning at level 30.

Once the element has awakened, it can use combat and level up in the game. Through this, the dragon will receive power and attack score stats as part of its awakening and make it stronger. Before that, we must know elements are the main object of elemental awakening, and they come in many different moves and range from weak to mighty forces. Currently, elements are obtained by two methods spinning and curses.

Elemental Skill Genshin Impact

It earned as much criticism as it did praise in the early days following its release, but Genshin Impact continues to grow in popularity. The ever-increasing cast of eccentric characters is undoubtedly the biggest draw for most players, as are the equally diverse skill sets and play-styles they bring out.

Choosing the best elemental skills is no easy task, but those abilities most effectively combine utility, and excellent factors are listed below. Don’t fret if your fav didn’t cut, plenty of skills could be honorable mentions here, and as the Amber-mains have proven, no character is truly useless.

Best Elemental Skills

Stellar Restoration (Keqing)

Genshin Impact’s most famous character, and at the very least, she has the most dedicated fans. Reddit groups like keqingmains are constantly coming up with new guides for their “best girl” and the game as a whole. Stellar Restoration is one of the greatly discuss components of Keqing’s kit. The most impressive thing about Stellar Restoration is that it allows Keqing to teleport both in and out of battle, which makes her better than any other character.

Skyward Sonnet (Venti)

Another popular name for Sucrose from the Genshin impact is budget vanity. The name is a bit unfair, as the Socceroos have a lot to offer your team, and their extreme scarcity is more likely to level up their gathering than vanity. Venti can do everything that others cant do. Sonnet is on a shortcut and can hit enemies upside down and spin other elements like Sucrose, pressing Skyward Sonnet to summon a giant gust on which the vanity glides. It means it provides reliable crowd control and adds a  lot more as well as movement.

Elemental Awakening Tier List (January 2023)

We have arranged together this Tier List based on our experience with the game. It is not the final word, and players might find that a B Tier element works much better for them than an S Tier Element. It is to be expected, as no two players have the same playing style. That said, we have found that some Elements work better for making progress than others. We have listed these below and hope that players will find the list helpful.


These are the best Elements in the game. Players should acquire these as soon as possible.

  • Gravity
  • Time


It is not well balanced as the S-Tier Elements; these are still some of the best in this Elemental Awakening Tier List. They can carry players far in the game.

  • Celestial
  • Lightning


These Elements are average and require an experienced player to get the best out of them. It is not impossible to progress with these Elements, but it is not as easy as using S or A-Tier Elements.

  • Eclipse
  • Reality Collapse
  • Wind


Players must avoid using these Elements unless they have to.

  • Blood
  • Darkness


These Elements are best left alone, and players would be better off with Elements from one of the better Tiers.

  • Fire
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Earth

How do you get gravity fast in elemental awakening?

Gravity is a legendary element that can be gain by buying a curse imbued from the in-game shop. First, the simplest is to play the game. Over time you will use a lot of moves while fighting with other players, and it is an excellent starting way to level up. The second method is to AFK auto-clicking. Selecting one of your moves and also using an auto clicker can level up pretty fast from about level 1-80.

Elemental Awakening Codes – Are There Any?

Elements awakening is a game that lies on the elements like fire, wind, water, lightning, blood, and more. The character can use free spins to change their elements, but they will get tired. You have the option to get spins; many people are wondering whether there is any elemental awakening code that can use to get spins without spending Robux. Here you have to know whether there are any codes for it.

At the time of writing, there are no Elemental Awakening codes available, and there isn’t a way to redeem codes. But the game is still in its early stage, and we can potentially expect a code improvement system when the game becomes even more popular. Check back later to see if there’s an update with codes. Don’t forget to give a like to the game on Roblox so that the developer can release new regulations soon.

Expired Codes

The codes the maker shows can expire soon, so if you don’t purchase them quickly, they will become invalid. That is what you will get the principles that no longer work.


In this article, we have given information about elemental awakening, a game based. Till now, there were no codes for it. Many people wonder whether there is any elemental awakening code that can be use to get spins without spending Robux.

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