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Quasar are extremely bright and extremely distant object. Their huge energy output is thought to be due to activity around central supermassive black hole in young galaxies, near edge of the observable universe. This name, which mean star-like emitter of radio wave, given in 1960s when quasar first detected.

What is Quasar Framework?

Quasar Framework allow you to build hybrid mobile app with near-native like user-interface and uses VueJS 2 at its core. It is MIT-license open source project.

It has good set of documentation available on its website and provide an extensive set of Vue based UI component such as slider, spinner, tooltip, popover, model dialog, context menu, video embedding and many more.

Getting Started with the Quasar Framework

Getting started with Quasar is easy and it offer its own set of CLI, much like Ionic framework for out of box setup and preview. You can build both Cordova as well as Electron (cross platform desktop app) with this framework.


  • All Platforms in One Go
  • Quasar Play App
  • VueJS & ES6
  • Boilerplate
  • Built-in Component
  • Themes

Quasar Framework is Vue.js-based framework use to develop cross-platform application using one code base. This help by saving in development cost.

  • Quasar offers cutting edge user Interface and support build for:
  • Single-page application.
  • Progressive web application.
  • Server-side rendering.
  • Mobile app (Ios and android) using Cordova or capacitor.
  • Multi-platform desktop app using Electron.

Browser extension.​The overhead of using Quasar is minimal as it implement best practice in web development out-of-the-box. These practice include SEO, image compression, and mobile responsive. It also has component for almost every web development need.​

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