What is Real Estate? – Work, Invest, and More

What is Real Estate?

Real estate coincides with assets such as buildings, land, and any derivative fixed to the ground. These are considered fixed assets that increase their value when carrying out reforms.

How does the Real Estate Business Work?

The real estate business works with purchasing a property to start a rental or rental process.

When we talk about investing in , we hope that the acquired property will increase in value over the years and then sell or rent it at a higher price, obtaining significant profits.

Where to Invest in Real Estate?

If you are wondering how to arrive at the  business, you have three options, which, depending on your profile, you could decide to enter:

Direct Investment

You buy a property in a specific sector and then sell or rent it at a higher price.


Suppose you don’t have enough capital yet. In that case, crowdfunding is an option to enter this market where crowdfunding in real estate projects allows each member to contribute money to support the project and make a profit.

Real Estate Investment Funds

It refers to the investment of natural or legal persons where capital is investe in real ,forming a collective inheritance used for various real  projects that will be lease.

How to Be Real Estate?

According to the Peruvian state, to be a  consultant in Peru, you must have accreditation. It is called  the Real  Agent Code in Peru, and to obtain it, you must meet these requirements:

  • Be free of convictions.
  • Enroll in the Registry of Real  Agents of the Ministry of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation (MVCS).
  • Present the FIR form of Inscription in the Registry of the  Agent.
  • In the incident of a legal person, it remains necessary to indicate the Registry Item.

Submit the following documents:

A simple copy of the proof of having pass the Specialization Course for  Agents carried out in an institution authorized by the MVCS.

  • Simple copy of the identification document (DNI) of the applicant.
  • A simple copy of the RUC must be operational and also, reflect an economic activity associated with the real estate sector.
  • Criminal record.
  • Two recent color passport-size photographs on a white background.

What Is A Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent or real estate agent is a professional who provides real estate brokerage services, mainly in the sale and lease of real estate. He has extensive experience in the real estate sector. Therefore he knows the required procedures such as negotiation and other skills.

What do I Have to Study to Be A Real Estate Agent?

Many real  agents are professionals such as lawyers, accountants, economists, and civil engineers who know the field. But, to be recognized as real agents in Peru, they must take a 2 to a 4-month course that will allow them to be certifie as an agent.

In Peru, several universities and institutes offer this certification, such as the USMP, the UNI, the UNIFÉ, the IBR, and the SBP, among other institutions. What do you have to study to remain a real agent. This certification provides interdisciplinary tools that allow an


It is property consisting of land and buildings, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals, or water; immovable property of this nature; an interest vested in this item of real property, buildings, or housing in general.

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