Have you ever wondered why you’re single even though you’re intelligent, confident, loving and all in all a catch? Then we have the answer for you! But first, keep in mind it is not a bad thing to be single. That is nothing that defines you or your quality. You just have more time for https://slot-mystery-museum.com/.


That’s why you are single, even though everything fits you:

  1. you are not satisfied with little.

Even if others sometimes give you the feeling that time is running out and that you will never find the right person, you don’t let this unsettle you. You know that there is someone out there for you and you would rather wait until the right one comes along than settle for the first one.

  1. you don’t need a man to feel complete.

Sure you would like to have someone to share your life with again. But you don’t spend your time looking for men, you live your life and don’t let everything revolve around your single life.

  1. your self-confidence intimidates men

Even men who are actually brimming with confidence are intimidated by you and your charisma, which is why they question themselves before they even dare to approach a confident woman like you. It takes a man who can keep up with you and your style, and unfortunately there aren’t many of them.

  1. you enjoy the single life too much

You are so content with your life that it is hard for you to get involved with someone, because he or she might mess up your otherwise perfect life and you are not ready for that.

  1. you lack good offers

You find it almost impossible to find someone who is seriously interested in a relationship, since most men prefer one-night stands, casual relationships, and fast-moving adventures. However, you’re not interested in that, because you don’t want to get involved with someone until they’re as serious as you are.


  1. you don’t have drama in your life

There is always a reason that you are unhappy in a relationship. It can be quarrels, excessive jealousy, lack of attention, infidelity, lack of or harmful communication and many more. As a single you don’t have these problems and therefore no drama in your life.

  1. you just have to pay attention to your needs

People in unhappy relationships often think that they are unhappy in the relationship because something is missing in the relationship. Therefore, they feel they have to compensate for something in their relationship. They often then try to compulsively meet their partner’s needs because they think they are doing something wrong, not realizing that they are neglecting themselves. Being single allows you to put yourself first, to pay attention only to your own needs, and to live and structure your life the way you want to. Because only when you know what you want in life, do you know exactly which person fits into your life and which doesn’t.

  1. you are enough

If you are happy with yourself, you can be happy alone. And if you can be happy alone, you don’t need anyone to make you happy. This is exactly the reason why many people stay in unhappy relationships: they need someone to make them happy and prefer to hold on to bad relationships because the fear of being alone is too great. Free yourself from this fear and learn to love and appreciate yourself. Because the most important relationship in your life will always be with yourself.