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What is the Reception Plan of a Company? – Important, and More

Facilitating and taking care of this stage is crucial. For this, there is a company reception plan. It is define as the systematic protocol an organization applies, including a new worker.

It is a document that offers the information and data of the Company itself in detail, the definition of the job to be performed by the worker, and the possible training plan for the professional.

With all this, the ultimate goal of a company reception plan is to facilitate the adaptation process of the worker to the Company and that the latter feels the least possible impact.

With the reception plan, the worker will feel much more protected, informed and part of the business project.

Necessary Documentation

An excellent plan to take over a company must be complete and personalized for each worker. It must include certain necessary information, which is usually divide into different document types. Among others, we can highlight the following:

  • Corporate presentation of the Company.
  • All documentation related to the culture and philosophy of the Company.
  • The Company’s critical data and the future and development of company policies in the short and medium-term.

We can also establish a series of documents that offer information specifically related to the worker:

  • Information regarding the Company’s internal regulations.
  • Occupational risk prevention and action plans.
  • Contractual information and everything related to payments.
  • Communication channels and relevant calendar dates.

Why is it Important to Have a Reception Plan in the Company?

Knowing the objective of a company reception plan, it is easy to guess the great importance and advantages it offers to interested parties:

Some of the benefits of developing a welcome strategy for the new employee are:

  • Improves the involvement of the worker in the Company.
  • It strengthens and shows the culture and habits, facilitating its understanding and application by the new employee.
  • It favors and improves the image of the Company, being essential for attracting and retaining talent.

How to Create a Reception Plan in the Company?

A reception plan in the Company must be prepare according to the employee. Therefore it is a public document but also personalized for the professional.

The recruitment process goes in parallel with the preparation of the reception plan. In the last part of the recruitment phase, the moment of defining the Company’s reception plan becomes important.

Plan Structure

In general, the reception plan is usually structured in three phases:

General Part

General information and also, specific data about the Company are offer. This information is the same for all types of workers.

Specific Part

All the information related to the job to be carried out by the professional, work methodology, functional organization chart, etc…

Training Part

A training phase in which the Company’s objectives will be shown. Presentation of the new employee to the rest of the staff and also, evaluation of the training received by the Company.


Some examples of the reception plans of the most important companies today.

IKEA Welcome Plan

The Swedish multinational is always a good reference for good work and also, business management. Ikea offers new employees an exciting plan to catch up, in which a tutor accompanies the professional in his first days in the Company.

They are both practical and theoretical training, offering information on the cultural philosophy of the Company and the business concept.

A guided integration that is giving very good results.

Mercadona Welcome Plan

Mercadona is another place that stands out for the care of its workers. It develops a training task that begins with the reception plan.

Practical and theoretical training of the different aspects of the Company and also, specific according to the work that the employee is going to do. Mercadona’s training and monitoring plans are among the most important known to a company.

The welcome plan is a fundamental element in the task of the Human Resources departments, an essential resource for the integration of employees and the understanding of the culture of a company.


The Company’s workers are the fundamental asset so that the performance is positive and leads to continuous improvement.

For some time now, caring for human capital has been one of the significant trends in work methodology in companies. Recruiting talent and also, guiding new workers to adapt to the Company and their new job is becoming increasingly important.

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