What is SEM? How does search engine marketing work

SEM is generally used to refer to paid advertising campaigns on search engines. However, the truth is that its definition could encompass all marketing actions that take place in a search engine, whether paid or not.

Importance of SEM Concept

Nowadays, SEM is necessary for businesses. However, it is much more powerful when combined with other tools like SEO. Of sequence, the study of keywords will be the cornerstone of our commercial success in search engines. Examining our Buyer Persona is also key to understanding our audience’s intent when searching for specific keywords and therefore allows us to segment more accurately.


A combined plan will help you achieve your goals in the short term with SEM and in the medium term with SEO. You can also influence both methods simultaneously with intelligent keyword research.

SEM positioning

When running your campaigns on Google Ads or other search engines, keep in mind that your ads compete for appearance in a constant auction. Therefore, it would help to constantly optimize your campaigns and ads to appear in Google’s advertising spaces.

SEM campaign

Constantly adjust your campaigns because often, it’s not about who bids the most; it’s about who knows how to create the campaign that will engage the audience the most. With a good SEM campaign, you can attain your goals quickly and reach new target groups.

Marketing SEM

Find out how to best use search engine marketing and what expert tips benefit your SEM campaigns.

SEMS on Google

What are the best techniques today for setting up campaigns on Google’s advertising platform, Google Ads?

What you can Achieve with SEM

There are many aims to incorporate SEM into your internet marketing strategies. Though, here are fair some of the benefits search engine marketing can bring to your brand:

Get High-Quality Traffic to your Site

One of the foundations of any digital marketing strategy is attracting the right users to your landing pages. Search engine marketing is very effective at capturing user attention and generating clicks. By allowing users to be filtered based on the words they search for, you ensure that this traffic comprises people potentially interested in your business. Tick.

Promote your Brand or Business Globally

Getting to the upper of Google is a fantastic way to gain exposure for your brand. Even if the user doesn’t click the first time, it will be associated with the need you’re trying to solve if they see your page.

Generate Conversions

Google Ads offers ways to measure conversions to ensure your ads are effective.

Go Far on a Tight Budget

Search engine advertising solutions combine wide-reaching potential with the ability to adjust your budget to your needs at any time. In addition, it does not require a significant initial investment, so it is suitable for small and medium-sized companies. And as your brand grows, the sky is the limit.

Advantages of Sem

Highly Measurable

Tools like Google Ads give you very detailed reports on the progress of your campaign, so you always know what’s happening with your ads. In addition, you can use the integration with analytics to control everything perfectly.

Real-Time Monitoring

The analytics interface lets you see what’s going on at the moment and correct course on the spot if you’re not getting the results you want.

Pay With One Click

This way, you only pay when you get results. You can continuously control the maximum daily budget that you are willing to spend and the total cost per click that you can pay. This way, you make definite that the campaign always pays off.


Compared to other techniques like SEO or content marketing, search engine advertising allows you to get results relatively quickly and on a large scale.

Accessible to All

As the budget investment is scalable, this solution works for large companies and SMEs. Everyone competes in the “battle” for top keyword positions on equal terms.


Finally, another solid point of this tool is its great capacity for segmentation. We reach the audience that is actively interested in us through keyword targeting. And we can also filter by other factors such as location, language or behaviour.

Disadvantages of Sem

Higher Costs In The Long Run

In short, SEM only works as long as you pay. Although you can optimize your campaigns and reduce your cost per click over time, you still have to pay for every visit you receive.

High Level of Competition

Search engine marketing has become popular, with many companies competing for the exact keywords. Unfortunately, this competition drives up costs, and it can sometimes be challenging to get a good return.

It’s Disruptive

Unlike other solutions such as natural advertising, SEM consists of invading the user’s space with content that has not previously been requested. If the target user uses an ad blocker, they may not see your ads.


Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility on search engine results pages, primarily through paid advertising.

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