The Technological Trends that Will Mark

Technological trends that have been transforming companies towards a more automated and efficient model. Where the latest innovations in technology are giving way to more related businesses.

However, this has only just begun, and the technological trends of 2022 are full of “old acquaintances” that are evolving and the latest advances that will further transform our day-to-day, the way we relate and work.

Some Technological Trends that Will Mark 2022

Automation and Hyperautomation

2022 is a year in which tools and developments design to speed up the process of endless tasks. Improve our effectiveness when performing them and continue freeing ourselves from those that can fully automated will continue to be deployed so that we can dedicate ourselves only to those that We can provide a differential value. Automation allows us to hurry up the time spent on all kinds of tasks and increase the precision we perform them. And hyper-automation will help improve decision-making without losing quality, exponentially increasing speed and reducing operating costs by up to 30%.


We couldn’t mention it in this compilation of trends since it has been positioned as the megatrend that will define a new era and that will be able to achieve the same impact that the Internet had.

This digital universe where physical and virtual reality mix in a shared online space will completely change how we work, shop, communicate and have fun. The metaverse will give companies great opportunities. Ranging from increasing their social presence to office work, payments, health, buying and selling products, etc.

Predictive Analytics

It’s not new to the trending charts, but it deserves to come back in 2022. Because predictive analytics tools will continue to be game-changers across industries.

Predictive Analytics plays a critical part in data analysis and consolidation of data lakes if we discuss efficiency. It will be at the top of new projects, especially the IT ecosystem. Furthermore, it will be crucial in driving IoT technology and cybersecurity.

Edge Computing and Native Clouds

We are at a time when the need for sovereignty and edge computing has accelerated cloud adoption in organizations worldwide. Cloud-native platforms will play a vital role over the next year, accounting for 95% of new digital initiatives within three years.

The companies that have already joined this cloud model have seen how they have completely transformed their business and operating and governance models. Edge Computing is plan to counteract the centralization of the cloud and bring abilities and resources closer to operators in real-time.

Distributed Companies

Many companies are still in a period of change or version to hybrid work models. The pandemic has meant that many have been force to assume them forcibly, but the decision to keep them over time is a movement that is being carry out thoughtfully and firmly. The increase in remote or mixed models has made this evolution to distributed work gain a lot of force globally.

The benefits of these circulate business models are already being seen. With revenue growth expect to be 25% faster than the competition staying on traditional models.

Low-Code Services

We are moving near the democratization of data and technology. So it was to be expect that one of the significant-tech trends of 2022 would be low-code services. In recent years, we have seen how skills and tools at the service of innovation have been made available to a growing number of society.

The lack of experience or knowledge has been the trigger to popularize “low-code” solutions that, together with AI and IoT infrastructures, are becoming more common among companies that do not have a single server or their cognitive code. Therefore, these low-code interfaces will gain ground.

Decision Intelligence

The so-called “decision intelligence” gives a practical approach to decision-making to improve them. Its function is to model each choice as a set of processes, supported by intelligence. And analytics, to learn, inform and refine these decisions.

It is the perfect complement to backing human decisions and automating them through augmented analysis, simulations, and Artificial Intelligence.

Data Fabric

Data Fabric, also known as data fabric, provides flexible and robust integration of data sources across an enterprise’s platforms and users. It allows data to be accessible anywhere, adapting to where it is need.

Another of its features is that it can use analytics to autonomously learn and recommend where it should be use or modified. It is a breakthrough, as it can result in a 70% reduction in data management efforts.


Technology trend awareness as a skill refers to being mindful of the recently becoming popular. Technology and is readily accepte in the market or industry. It also encompasses one’s ability to recognize and understand the usefulness of any such technology for business success.

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