What is Affiliate Marketing? – Advantages, Factors, and  Types

Affiliate marketing is one of the results-based types of digital marketing. The advertiser does not fee for impressions or clicks but the results achieved.

In this case, the websites designated as affiliates are responsible for soliciting advertisers by placing their ads or promotions. These can be business products (hosting service to host a website) or bloggers (e.g., social network management course).

These affiliates receive a commission when the user enters their website and performs the previously determined action. It can be clicking on a link, filling out a registration form, or making a purchase.

Advantages for the Advertiser and for the Affiliates

One of the keys to this kind of strategy is community. If you’ve had a blog for a long time, you already have an audience following you. You’ve earned their trust with every listing you’ve generated if you’ve done your job well. Herein lies one of the keys to affiliate marketing.

But that alone is not enough. As with any other digital marketing method, it is vital to define the goals you want to achieve clarity, the audience you target, and the channel you will use.

Affiliate marketing benefits both the advertiser, who only pays when results are achieved, and the affiliates. Who must focus on driving traffic to the advertiser and getting paid when actions and consequences are achieve.

Factors of Affiliate Marketing

A sum of factors has a significant impact on the effectiveness of an affiliate marketing campaign. Here are some of the most important:


The bottom line is that the products or services you are promoting match your readers’ interests. There’s little point in promoting Pata Negra ham if you’re writing about gimmicks.

And be very careful. If your blog becomes a useless mess, you risk losing a lot of readers.

Try It First

What do you do before you buy a product? Usually, you get the opinion of other users in the forums. If you’re looking to promote a product, it’s best to try it out for yourself first to get a first-hand opinion. No one will buy something just for you. Say they will unless you are persuasive.

If you want to recommend a paid WordPress plugin, it’s best to test it first, take screenshots, and post them in your post. It will give you credibility, build trust and make your readers more receptive to your message.

Solve Problem

If you want the person reading your post to buy the product or service you’re talking about, focus on promoting those who offer solutions. For example, many people are looking for plugins to have their websites in different languages. It’s a problem they’re looking for a solution to. offer it to him

Versatile Product

When promoting a product, try to make the information easier to find. Don’t just focus on your interest in your niche. Make your life calmer when creating content and opt for information-rich products. It also allows you to write different articles about the same product.

Another factor to consider is that accessories can be add to the product you are trying to promote. It is an inspiring option because it allows you to create different posts linked to each other.

Natural Connection

The time of the giant flashy banners with the claim of this or that product is over. After arousing curiosity and creating the desire to purchase the product or service, in-text links better direct readers to promotional content. It is one of the most delicate types of affiliate marketing. It is probably due to its simplicity. And because it is inserte into valuable content for the user.


If you’re writing about a product or service, be honest and open that you’ll receive a commission on sales. Nor is it about shouting it from the rooftops. If you’re honest with the reader and realize you’re not trying to “scare” them, they’ll continue to trust you even though they know you’re taking on the job.

Types of Affiliate Marketing



These are pages focused on specific content that may interest advertisers of products related to this content. The websites promote products and receive a commission for each registration or sale.

Cashback and Sites that Share their Income with Users

, in this case, there is a database of registered users with whom the commissions for the actions carried out are share. Users make purchases through the affiliate platform and receive a return percentage. There are three different types of this affiliate format:

  • Payment Of Commissions Directly In Cash
  • Those that grant points are redeemable for articles or services.
  • Those that offer a discount or special promotion for the action to be carried out.

Affiliates that Work in Search Engines

In this case, affiliates deliver qualified traffic to brokers by buying words in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Email Marketing Databases

It is the transmission of data from registered users interested in a query related to the product offered by the retailer. The advertiser must be familiar with the specific audience and type of customer for the affiliate to be able to monetize their database. The most used kind of commission is the price per thousand impressions.

Co-Registration Databases

Users attentive to the products or services of several companies can subscribe to the newsletter of an associate. The user expressly consents to transmit their data to an advertiser in a specific sector that interests them.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are create to regulate the relationship between advertisers and affiliates. These networks act as mediators between thousands of advertisers and affiliates and provide tools to track sales made through an affiliate’s site.


Affiliate marketing is a kind of performance-based advertising in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

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