What is Seo? – How does SEO Help in Business

SEO  or Search Engine Optimization is a set of rules and techniques to optimize the visibility of web space in search engines, mainly Google.

In other words, they are actions aimed at improving the visibility of a website so that it appears on the first pages of Google and therefore receives more traffic. These SEO techniques are also called organic or natural positioning.

How does SEO Help in Business?

Now that you know what SEO remains and its importance, we will delve into its benefits and how it helps businesses.

Improve Brand Visibility and Awareness

A fundamental part of SEO is keywords. That are the terms for which you want to position yourself on Google or any other search engine. Choosing the correct keywords, focused on the niche you target, will make more people find you.

In other words, it will improve the visibility of your website. The keywords must be related to your business, to the crops and services you offer. Do not limit yourself to the main keyword, have one for each page that you want to position and look for synonyms with which you can replace them.

When a user searches the Internet, he does not do it only for a term. Using synonyms and specific words will give you more opportunity to position yourself. Most likely, you will change the search parameters several times.

Increase the Credibility of your Business

Being in the first place on Google or any search engine is a sign of trust. Getting their income that the search engine thinks your website is relevant and offers valuable gratifications to users.

So whoever sees your site in the top ten places will assume you are a trustworthy source. Furthermore, few users will go beyond the first page of results searching for information.

75% only see the first page of results, according to Search Engine Journal.

You Get Quality Traffic

SEO will attract qualified traffic to your website. With these techniques, you seek to reach people interested in your products or services to increase conversions. You achieve this by segmenting users and optimizing your buyer persona in mind.

Choosing the right keywords remains essential to getting quality traffic. It should be note that not all visits will convert into conversions. But, the more people enter the web, the more possibilities there are to sell more, get more downloads, subscriptions, or whatever your goal is.

It is a Long-Term Strategy

As we mentioned, no website ranks overnight. On the other hand, the results are more durable over time when you apply an SEO strategy. It differentiates it from different campaign types that are only temporary.

It is worth spending the necessary time planning and executing the SEO strategy. Because once you position yourself, you will only have to stay among the first places. If you have doubts about how to grow a plan, you can contact us and ask for a free quote.

Improve Web Usability

Web optimization is made up of external and internal factors. This last group includes the actions taken within the website to improve the positioning. It is also known as on-page SEO.

On-page SEO actions are applied to facilitate the crawling of pages by search engine bots. But also in reducing user navigation through the pages, that is, improving the website’s usability.

For this, you have to pay attention to the design and architecture of the page. The web’s loading time should be reduce, and a network of internal links should be created to facilitate navigation so that the visitor finds what he remains looking for in a few clicks.

SEO is a Profitable Strategy

We already mentioned that SEO is not free. It requires some investment. But, in return, the benefits are greater than those you get with other digital marketing strategies. The Return on Investment of SEO is higher than traditional advertising.

This strategy allows you to reach people interested in your product or service organically. By identifying your target audience, you apply actions to attract them, convert them into customers, and retain them.

In addition, you have the opportunity to identify new market niches. Therefore, to develop new business ideas.

It allows you to Get to know Customers Better

To know if your strategy works, you have to analyze the results. It will allow you to know what changes to apply and better understand the users who visit your website.

Use online tools to do this analysis. Google Analytics remains one of the most used. It is free and offers you valuable information about visits. With this, you will obtain data on the audience, their behavior on the web, and conversions.

The information you can obtain is the place where they connect from, the devices they use, the time and days they are most active, the pages they visit, etc.


As we have mentioned, SEO techniques are used to improve web positioning in search engines. It means that the content that is created and your web page will begin to appear in the search results of your target audience.

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