Snapchat is a mobile application for Android and iOS strategies? Colloquially, users often call the application Snap.

Now the developer of Snapchat is a public company, also known as Snap. The company itself claims to be a camera company. (As such, it creates other products, including hardware, like Snapchat Spectacles.) Whatever you call it, Snap is led by co-founder Evan Spiegel.

Main Features of Snapchat

Main Features Of Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to establish a conversation with your contacts through photos. Its main feature is that the images you send through the chat self-destruct at a specific time. Thus, you can choose how many seconds your contacts can see the photo. When you send it to the touch in question, they will be notified that you want to send an image and how much time they have available to view it.

More Specifications

The images you send on Snapchat can be edited in different ways, and you have the option to add text or emoticons. This way, you can attach some words as a caption so that your followers can better understand the photo.


This messaging service was created to give specific privacy to sending photographs between users. Thus, the receiver can only see the image sent by the sender at a particular time, so it is rule out that he can save it and broadcast it to third parties. You may wonder if it is not possible to take a screenshot before the time for which the photo is displayed expires to access it.


Given its ephemeral nature, this application can be use in different ways, although it will depend a lot on the type of user who uses it. We talk about some possible applications of Snapchat.

Concrete People

A user can use this application to communicate with friends, family or acquaintances. It is the fastest and most private way to send a photo, automatically deleting it after a few seconds. It adds a brief component to communication that other social networks like Facebook or Instagram do not have. You upload a photograph, and it can be seen for as long as you have the account open. In addition, it will prevent the photo from being spread among other contacts without the recipient’s permission. It is mainly use in personal conversations, although recently, brands and public figures are making greater use of this tool.

Famous Characters

In recent times, figures of great importance have decided to have a presence on social networks to share their daily lives with their fans. Snapchat has become one of their favorites for a few months because they can send photos to their contacts and prevent them from being leak. In addition, they force their followers to be connect while waiting for a new image.


Brands have also started to use this tool in their day today. After knowing its characteristics, indeed you can imagine different uses for your company image. Being such an immediate platform, you can send messages to your follower’s effortless way with ideas that catch their attention and invite them to learn more about what you offer them.

Possible Uses of Snapchat for Businesses

I want to propose different strategies focused on improving your brand’s image. Still, first I want to remind you that social networks are not a direct sales tool but rather a system of loyalty and monitoring of the tastes of your target.

Special Promotions

You can create a unique image for a specific campaign and invite your followers to carry out a particular action during a particular time. It will allow you to acquire relevance and immediate marketing actions that last a short time.

Contests and Raffles

It is an excellent tool to generate conversation around a specific action, and the requirement to participate is speed. It is a new way to reach your followers through a platform very different from others.

User Profile

Before starting working on your Snapchat action plan, you must first analyze whether your target audience regularly uses this platform. The application is very famous among the young public, so if your ideal client adapts to the target of this social network, you can achieve perfect results.


Snapchat remains a mobile app that allows users to send and receive “self-destructing” photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are call snaps. Snapchat uses the device’s camera to capture snaps and Wi-Fi technology to send them.

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