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What is Whatsapp Marketing? – Advantages, Strategies, and More

As its name suggests, WhatsApp Marketing is a marketing strategy that is carry out through this mobile application. This strategy consists of taking advantage of its main characteristic: instant messages.

This mobile application was not originally designe to develop marketing strategies. However, its outstanding achievement among small, average, and large companies pushed the company to launch a more commercial version. WhatsApp Business, an App that facilitates interactions with the audience, offers tools to automate WhatsApp, organize, and respond quickly. to messages from the audience.

Differences Between Private Whatsapp and Business

At first glance, both applications are practically the same. However, WhatsApp Business also includes:

Professional Profile

Whatsapp Business permits you to correct the profile at a more advanced level and describe the main features of your business, such as name, type, and description of the business, address, hours, website, email, etc.


This version allows you to create automated responses, to respond to your customers without responding yourself. Among its automated messages it includes:

  • Welcome, note: This is use when a user writes to us for the first time.
  • Absence message: This message remains sent when a user contacts us outside of the business hours that we have defined.


Whatsapp Business offers an analytics section, which includes performance metrics of our marketing actions.

Advantages of Marketing on Whatsapp

The advantages of marketing on WhatsApp are the following:


The user usually believes the application and the advertising content that he receives, especially if he has the sender saved in his contact list. For this reason, on many occasions, the campaigns carried out on WhatsApp are only carried out with those users who have the company in their contacts to increase effectiveness.

Frequency of Use

The frequency of use of WhatsApp is, without a doubt, much higher than that of other mobile applications. Think about it. How many periods do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp? Unquestionably, the frequency of use is much higher in this latest App.

Little Competition

Although more companies use this App to implement their marketing strategy every day, they are still few. However, the competition concerning other platforms is meagre, making your strategy gain a lot of strength.

Success Check

We can check the success of sending the content thanks to the double blue check and the success of the campaign thanks to the users’ responses. Therefore, related to other stages and applications, measuring the plan’s success on WhatsApp is quite simple.

How to Make a Whatsapp Marketing Strategy?

Follow these stages to create a WhatsApp marketing strategy:

Create a Database

Creating a database is vital to device any advertising strategy. It was not going to be less on WhatsApp! This database must be segmented so that the different types of customers are evident when carrying out campaigns.

Define the Strategy and the Message

Work on the strategy and the message for as long as you need because it is vital in WhatsApp Marketing. Seek to influence to promote the distribution of the news and that the workers themselves help your campaign.

Select the Visual or Audiovisual Support

It’s time to select the images or videos accompanying the text message. Then, you can send multimedia content that facilitates messages with the user. In addition, this content tends to be more successful with the audience.


You can now send the campaign. The sending can be done manually, contact to contact, or massively using some platforms, for example, Whatsapp Marketing or Massyphone, among others. The collection of one shipping way or another will depend on the number of receivers.


WhatsApp Marketing is the plan that WhatsApp uses as an Advertising channel to sell products, services, and other solutions. It consists of the distribution of individual and personalized messages, using the resources offered in the application motivated by companies, WhatsApp Business.

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