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The www citaconsularguatemala com Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains two www citaconsularguatemala coms in New York. The two consular offices seek to serve the 104,020 Guatemalans residing in The Big Apple.

You need to have a previously scheduled appointment to carry out consular procedures in one of the two locations. For this, the Management of Guatemala, over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, makes available to Guatemalans three options through which they can request it

  • Make an appointment by phone by calling (212) 686-3837
  • Request an appointment by WhatsApp message at (212) 686-3837
  • Request an appointment online in the Appointment System for Consular Services of Guatemala

For the three options, appointment scheduling is enabled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 8:00 am. If you over 60 years old? Then you are a “Golden Citizen,” and you do not need an appointment. You can go to the consular headquarters in New York to carry out your consular procedures, having the required documentation.

How to Request your Appointment Online?

Suppose you will make an appointment for the Guatemalan Www citaconsularguatemala com in New York online. In that case, the schedule is enable on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 8:00 am, and the number of appointments is subject to change due to availability and capacity. Attention.

Enter the consular appointment portal, and also select the consular headquarters in New York. If you prefer, enter the following directly in your browser

If you already have your appointment at the Guatemalan Www citaconsularguatemala com in New York, please take into account the following:

  • Appointments are non-transferable; each selection is personal.
  • For any procedure you carry out, you must bring the original and also two photocopies of the current DPI or valid RENAP Birth Certificate with the CUI number.
  • It is not allowed to access the appointment with companions.
  • You should reach at least 15 minutes before your appointment time.

How to get to the www citaconsularguatemala com in New York?

The Www citaconsularguatemala com General of Guatemala in New York is located at 276 Park Avenue South, 2nd Floor, NY, 10010. The hours of operation of the Www citaconsularguatemala com of Guatemala in New York are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm and the earliest Saturday of the month from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Therefore the second www citaconsularguatemala com, opened in November 2021, is located at 1333 East Main Street, Suite 1, Riverhead, NY 11901. The hours of operation for this www citaconsularguatemala com are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 30 p.m.

For questions and reports, you can write to the email If you prefer to call by phone, you can dial the number of the Guatemalan www citaconsularguatemala com +1 631-405-5010. Some of the procedures that you can carry out in these two consular offices in New York are:

  • Guatemalan passport.
  • Personal Identification Document
  • Consular Identification Card
  • Survival certificate

Where are the www Citaconsularguatemala Coms Located in California?

The 3 Consular Headquarters that Guatemala has in the United States are attended by appointment, except for the Los Angeles headquarters. There, Guatemalans over 60 years of age are welcome without the need to make an appointment through the system for consular services. The Guatemalan consular offices are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and also San Bernardino; They provide service by appointment to Guatemalan citizens.

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Where are the www Citaconsularguatemala Coms in California?

Los Angels

Therefore in1975 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, California 90039. Telephone (213) 365-9251 to 52. To stay informed of the activities of this consular office, you can follow them on Twitter. These consular headquarters offer care for adults over 60 without needing to schedule an appointment.

San Bernardino

The consular headquarters is at 330 N «D» Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401. The telephone numbers where they can assist you are (001-909) 572-8800. Visit their website here. These consular headquarters offer Guatemalans who request free immigration legal guidance by appointment. You can order it on the page

San Francisco

It is at 659 A Merchant Street, San Francisco, CA 94111. Telephone: (001)-415) 563-8319. They have a website:, and also a Facebook and Twitter account

Therefore these consular headquarters offer Guatemalans information on the estimated time each procedure takes. Passports and Special Travel Passes take 15 minutes, and other functions, such as Birth Registration or Marriage Registration, take 30 minutes.

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What Procedures can www Citaconsularguatemala Com Carry Out in these Consular Offices?

The main procedures offered by the three consular offices are:

  • Passport
  • DPI or Personal Identification Document
  • Consular Card

Requirements Of Documents

Guatemalan Passport

  • Birth Certificate with CUI issued by RENAP with a validity of no more than six months from the minor’s printing date.
  • Payment of 65 dollars, with a Money Order, that you must bring (the corresponding seal will be stamp at the www citaconsularguatemala com, and also it will be indicated where you must sign or place your name) or the current Personal Identification Document DPI of both parents.
  • You must present the original and a photocopy if it is a passport renewal.

Personal Identification Document or DPI

  • You must present the original and photocopy of the Birth Certificate with CUI issued by RENAP.
  • Payment of 15 dollars with a Money Order that you must bring (the corresponding seal will be stamp at the Www citaconsularguatemala com, and also it will be indicated where you must sign or place your name).

Consular Identification Card

You must submit an original and a photocopy of one of the following documents:

  • Personal Identification Document DPI or Birth Certificate with CUI issued by RENAP with a validity of no more than six months from the printing date
  • Payment of $25 with a Money Order that you must bring (in the Www citaconsularguatemala com, the corresponding seal will be stamped, and also it will be indicated where you must sign or place your name).
  • As a recommendation from the Www citaconsularguatemala com, it is also request to bring proof of address, be it water, electricity, gas, or telephone bill.

A money order is present for each procedure; it is essential to carry it since they are not sold at the Www citaconsularguatemala coms.

What is Consular Identification Card?

Therefore the www citaconsularguatemala com Identification Card is the second most requested document by Guatemalans living in North Carolina, after the passport.

It is a card that has all the same information as the passport. It is in English and Spanish and also has its local address in the United States, explained the Guatemalan consul general in Raleigh, Jorge Archila.

This document is accept in many states before a large number of entities. For example, it is use to cash checks, and open bank accounts, among other procedures. The consular identification card costs $25 through ‘Money Order,’ and to process it, you must schedule an appointment at the www citaconsularguatemala com.

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