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On this page you can grab more knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. If you are talking about deep learning, strategic thinking, or another specie of AI, its foundation is in situations requiring lightning-fast responses. With AI, machine can work efficiently and analyze vast amount of data in blink of an eye, solving problem through supervise, unsupervised, or reinforced learning.

1. Early Days of AI

While its early form enabled computer to play games like checker against human, AI is now part of our daily lives. We have AI solution for quality control, video analytics, speech-to-text natural language processing, autonomous driving, and solutions in healthcare, manufacturing financial service, and entertainment.

2. Powerful Tool for Businesses and Organizations

Artificial intelligence can be effective tool for large corporation generating significant data and small organizations that need to process their calls with customer more effectively. AI can streamline business process, complete tasks faster, eliminate human error, and more.

3. AI at the Edge

HPE is pioneering new frontier of AI by harnessing data and gaining insights at edge. We empower success with real-time analytical AI for automation, prediction, and control to help realize value of data faster and leverage limitless opportunities for innovation, growth, and success.


Application of AI seen in everyday scenarios such as financial services fraud detection, retail purchase predictions, and online customer support interaction. Here are just few examples:

5. Fraud Detection

The financial service industry use artificial intelligence in two way—initial scoring of application for credit use AI to understand creditworthiness. More advanced AI engine are employed to monitor and detect fraudulent payment card transaction in real-time.

Virtual Customer Assistance (VCA)

Call centers use VCA to predict and respond to customer inquiry outside human interaction. Voice recognition, couple with simulated human dialog, is first point of interaction in customer service inquiry. Higher-level inquiry are redirect to human.

When person initiate dialog on webpage via chat (chatbot), the person is often interacting with computer running specialized AI. If chatbot can interpret or address question, human interferes with communicating directly with person.

So, these noninterpretive instance are fed into machine-learning computation system to improve the AI application for future interface.

AI advancement for applications like natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) help Artificial Intelligence industries like financial service, healthcare, and automotive, fast-track innovation, improve customer experience, and also reduce cost.

Gartner estimate that up to 70% of people will interact with conversational AI platform daily by 2022. NLP and CV provide valuable link between humans and robots: NLP help computer programs understand human speech, applies machine learning models to images, and perfectly suits everything from selfie filter to medical imaging.

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