Is Crypto Currency Investing the Next Big E-Commerce?

The term crypto currency or cryptocurrency is associated with a digital means of barter or exchange. Through cryptology, a procedure is achieved by which the bases of the protocol in the system are encrypted in a guaranteed manner.

These virtual currencies were designed to modify the financial system of bills of exchange, avoiding banking conditions and their commission methods. In this way, when carrying out a business, both the buyer and the seller know the financial situation of each one. Likewise, they can verify the value of the merchandise without the need to acquire the services of a third person, avoiding the payment of commissions.

The continuous development and the expansion that crypto currencies are undergoing as a global currency exceeds any other throughout history, including the dollar.

How does Cryptocurrency Work?

Cryptocurrencies operate on a spread public ledger called the blockchain, a record of all transactions updated and maintained by currency holders.

Cryptocurrency units are create through a process called mining, which uses the power of a computer to solve complex mathematical problems that generate coins. Users canister also buy the currencies from brokers and then store and spend them using crypto wallets.

When you own cryptocurrency, you own nothing tangible. You have a key that allows you to move a record or measure from one person to another without a trusted third party.

Although Bitcoin has been around since 2009, in financial terms, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology applications are still nascent, with more applications expected in the future. Transactions containing bonds, stocks, and other financial assets, could be negotiated using technology.

Examples of Cryptocurrencies

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies. Some of the best known are:


Created in 2009, Bitcoin was the main cryptocurrency and remains the most fantastic traded. The currency was develop by Satoshi Nakamoto, who is believe to be the pseudonym of an individual or group of people whose exact identity is unknown.


Developed in 2015, Ethereum remains a blockchain platform with its cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH) or Ethereum. It remains the most prevalent cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

Lite coins

This currency is more similar to bitcoin but has evolved faster to accommodate innovations, including faster payments and processes to allow for more transactions.


Ripple is a distributed ledger system found in 2012. It can track different types of transactions, not just cryptocurrencies. The company behind it has worked with several banks and financial institutions.

Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are collectively refer to as “altcoins” to distinguish them from the original.

What Advantages do they Bring to the Investor?

Earning money through mobile devices has become a common practice among internet users. It is no longer necessary to have a professional team and a large media deployment. Currently, there are multiple possibilities to get money through online platforms.

Likewise, the way of investing through online platforms is relegating traditional operations to the background.

These provide more significant advantages for the investor, carrying out the procedures himself through the internet, without the need to have the services of a specialized agent, by telephone. A new trend is taking root among consumers, who are increasingly accustom to new technologies and trading platforms.

This fact favours the gradual disappearance of the original trading method. Investors prefer to control their finances themselves, avoiding expenses and promoting advantages such as saving time and streamlining their operations.

What does the Acronym FX Mean?

This currency market is call Forex or FX for short. It happens to be the largest financial market, providing many benefits to the investor. These benefits are reflecte in the viability and simplicity of its operations. An operation of these characteristics can be successful regardless of the market situation. Similarly, the flexibility in the Forex market hours is total.

It is operational 24 hours a day, five days a week, facilitating operations. These transactions are not subject to any central market but solely up to the buyer and seller.


A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital currency design to work as a medium of exchange through a computer network that is not reliant on any central authority. Such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it.

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