What are phantom forces?

The Phantom Forces script is the first shooter game made by styles studio on Roblox. In September 2015 first made playable for paid access. On its release in December 2016, it became free to play. The game takes the form of the best shooter with typical FPS game modes such as team deathmatch and king of the hill. Players start with limited weapons and then unlock the rest of the game with a massive collection by slowly leveling up from playing matches.

Using credits to unlock wanted weapons sooner can be earned by ranking up and finishing skins or purchasing them from Roblox. In addition, players can also obtain cases and keys. (Also through credits but can also drop randomly when won matches) to unlock the above skins to personalize your weapons.

Roblox Phantom Forces Script Pastebin Hacks – January 2023

Roblox Phantom Forces Script Pastebin Hacks – January 2023

Get a virus-free Roblox to exploit and script executor, like krnl, synapse, or JJSPloit. Fire the script executor up while in phantom force world. You can copy and paste any of the scripts we will arrange for you into the delivered box and hit the execute button.

Phantom forces script Pastebin hack can stop working after a game update. If so, we must gain if you leave us a statement informing us so we can update this with the latest script after verifying that they work.

How to Execute Phantom Forces Script?

How to Execute Phantom Forces Script_

First, to execute the script in a game on Roblox, one will want to employ the services of a perfect Roblox exploit from JJSploit to krnl, Fluxes, Synape X, and more; there is access to them. So suppose you have not downloaded it yet; simply jump into our earlier post detailing the best Roblox script executor and/or exploit and find something that works.

Once installed, jump into Roblox, then fire up the downloaded exploits with Phantom Forces. Next, copy and paste the above Phantom Forces script into the box.

Once done, press on the Inject/Attach button trailed by Execute, and the Script GUI will pop up. Now go ahead and activate the hack of your choice.

Phantom Forces Aimbot Script Pastebin

Aimbot & Silent Aim Script Pastebin 2022

  • If you need the Pastebin script hack link > Here
  • But you can check the script here:
  • getgenv().targetedPart = “Head”;

Bunny Hop Script Pastebin 2022

  • If you want the Pastebin script hack link > Here
  • But you can check the script here:
  • Too long to add it here

Phantom Forces Script Pastebin Hacks – OP GUI 2022

  • If you want the Pastebin script hack link > Here
  • Phantom Forces Script Pastebin Hacks – GUI 2022
  • If you want the Pastebin script hack link > Here
  • But you can check the script here:
  • Too long to add it here

Phantom Forces Script Pastebin Hacks – Free Chams

  • If you want the Pastebin script hack link > Here
  • But you can check the script here:
  • Too long to add it here
  • Unlock All-Script 2022
  • If you want the Pastebin script hack link > Here
  • But you can check the script

Why Is Phantom Forces The Best Game On Roblox?

The popularity of Phantom Forces can be primarily credited to its unique physics and combat mechanisms, which will remind players of games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Additionally, it has a reasonably modern system for customizing weaponry. It allows players to turn any of the title’s firearms into the perfect killing equipment. One can always find or buy new weapons or upgrade the old ones.

Top 3 reasons Phantom Forces is the best game on Roblox

Weaponry in Roblox Phantom Forces

The game includes over 150 guns, all finely designed with a hint of realism while maintaining Roblox’s visual aesthetic. One can make personalized versions of every weapon thanks to the vast selection of modifications; some can even be converted into entirely new weapons.

Here are the best Tricks in various categories:

  • Assault rifle: The AK47 doles out significant damage at close and medium range. Moderate damage at long range makes this gun good at range capabilities. The bullets also have better penetration power.
  • LMGs: The HK21 has higher damage power in all ranges. Firing rounds are faster with higher bullet penetration power and better ammunition reserve. It has a long reload time, so players must choose this carefully.
  • Sniper rifle: The Dragunov SVDS has semi-automatic capabilities, making it ready for the next shot quickly. It can kill enemies in one shot to the head at any range or the torso at medium range. Lastly, it has a large magazine capacity, making it useful in more extended sizes.

Attachments In Roblox Phantom Forces

Attachments are various parts of the gun that can improve the weapon’s capabilities by enhancing its features. Since every piece has a purpose, one must choose the best results carefully. As mention earlier, players can make infinite gun variations with such a massive list of options.

Check out these suggestions

  • Underbarrel: In ADS and hip-fire, the Folding Grip lessens blowback recoil, decreasing hip-fire stability and increasing gun-turning recoil. Furthermore, it spreads fire more widely.
  • Barrel: The muzzle flash is hidden by the Flash Hider, just as it claims. Due to their barrels being so close to the sights, certain firearms create an extremely noticeable muzzle flash. The Flash Hider is a suitable option if players wish to shoot in quick bursts.
  • Other: The Green Laser decreases hip-fire spread and also speeds up gun-recoil recovery.

Skins in Roblox Phantom Forces

With very few exceptions, skins are a collection of textures that players can apply to specific areas of their weapons. They are broken down into the following five things: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Legendary.

Here are their base drop rates:

  • Standard – 60% and rates decrease by 0.50% per case opened.
  • Uncommon – 26%, and rates fall 0.25% per case opened.
  • Rare – 10%, and it remains the same every time.
  • Very Rare – 3% and rates increase by 0.50% per case opened.
  • Legendary – 1%, and rates increase by 0.25% per case opened


In this article, we have given information on Phantom forces scripts which was develope by StyLiS Studios and created by Roblox. Phantom Forces was first introduce on August 31, 2015. In begening it was made available for purchase in September 2015, and  then on December 8, 2016, the first full release made it available for free.

The title is a first-person shooter with different game styles such as Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and Domination. These game modes are played in the style of a regular shooter.