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Software is collection of instructions, data, or computer programs that run machines and carry out particular activities. It is antithesis of hardware, which refer to computer’s external component. A device’s running programs, scripts, and application collectively called “software” in this context. contact form or

Software is set of program (sequence of instruction) that allow user to perform well-defined function or some specified task.”

Software is responsible for directing and instructing all computer-related device regarding what and how task is to perform. However, software comprise binary language (compose of one and zero), and for programmer writing binary code would be slow and tedious task. Therefore, software programmer write program in various human-readable languages such as Java, Python, C#, etc. and later use source code.

Types of Software

It is data collection given to the computer to complete particular task. The chart below describe types of software:

System Software

System software is software that directly operates computer hardware and provide basic functionality to users as well as to other software to run smoothly. Or in other words, system software control computer’s internal functioning and contain hardware device such as monitor, printer, and storage device. It is like an interface between hardware and user application, it helps them to communicate with each other because hardware understand machine language(i.e. 1 or 0) whereas user application work in human-readable language like English, Hindi, German, etc. so system software convert human-readable language into machine language and vice versa.

Application Software

Application programs or software application are end-user computer program developed primarily to provide specific functionality to user. The application programs assist user in accomplishing numerous task such as doing online research, completing note, designing graphic, managing the finances, watching movie, writing documents, playing games, and many more. Therefore, many software application design and develop yearly by company as per demand and requirement of potential user. The application software either design for general-purpose or specially coded as per requirement of business cooperation.

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