What are Human Resources? How to Make a strategic Plan

Human Resources are the set of people who collaborate in a company in different areas and departments. Thanks to their functions and skills, organizations can achieve their business objectives.

For this reason, as we mentioned at the beginning of this content, human resources may have a different reference, but, at the end of it all, both the group of employees and their management work together to achieve the best results for an organization.

What is a Strategic Plan For a Company’s Human Resources?

It is a document that contains a strategy oriented towards the objectives and functions of a company’s collaborators. In addition, it reflects the company’s policy in everything that concerns workers. Therefore, knowing what it is and how to make a strategic plan for human resources is the basis for promoting the organization’s growth.

The HR department has developed one of the leaders in the transformation of a company since they have the key to managing the most critical resource of an organization people. Thanks to a company’s talent management, you can know the current needs and get ahead to reach the goal.

How to make a strategic human resources plan?

Creating a plan for an organization’s human capital requires an internal and reflective evaluation to know. The new challenges and what can be improve in the processes carried out on previous occasions.

No idea or don’t know where to start? Knowing how to make a strategic human resources plan will allow you to create a guideline to overcome sudden changes in the environment and create a work dynamic based on meeting objectives. Below, we present the critical points for realizing your strategic human resources plan.

Analyze The Company Environment

The first step to knowing how to make a strategic human resources plan is to analyze the current situation of the company and how its environment is. In this way, the strategic planning of human capital will be oriented both to the needs of the market and the company.

A strategic plan is carried out annually, so when you go to carry it out, you must evaluate the results obtained in the previous project and avoid making the same mistakes. Indeed, human resource planning in a company requires a detailed analysis. And study of all the organization’s collaborators since you must know the skills and functions of each one to know how they will face new challenges.

Establish the Mission, Vision, and Values

If you are looking for how to make a strategic human resources plan. Do not neglect your organizational identity because this is a fundamental step to obtaining excellent results. You must evaluate with the company’s directors if the company’s mission, vision. And also, values ​​align with its current need and with what they are seeking to convey.

The inclusion of brand identity is strategic recruitment. The human resources plan aims to generate a business benefit, so you must answer questions such as, What do you expect to achieve with the plan’s implementation? What is the focus of the project? Who will the program affect?

If the case is to expand the staff, your actions should be to seek an increase in staff with people who connect with the company’s essence.

Know the Objectives of the Plan

In the strategic planning of human resources, three types of objectives are pursued:

  • Explicit: These are the objectives it seeks to motivate and retain the organization’s talent. When looking for making a strategic human resources plan based on clear goals. You can carry out activities that respond to career plans and onboarding processes to retain people with excellent skills.
  • Implicit: They are related to the objectives that have been raised directly by the company. With which it seeks to increase productivity and employee loyalty without neglecting labor regulations.
  • Long-term: These objectives bring together everything you are looking for when carrying out. Strategic planning of human resources, for example, performance, quality, effectiveness, and competitiveness, among others.

Define Responsibilities

The key to knowing how to make a strategic human resources plan and also, how to execute it is defining the responsibilities of each department and employee in the organization. We recommend you make an organizational chart of the company to know about:

  • Existing Departments
  • Positions to fill
  • Hierarchy levels

With the business organization chart, you will have the data to know what you need to meet your objectives.

Divide the Strategic Plan by Activities

By recognizing the team of employees you have, you can allocate the efforts of the strategic plan to each of the company’s activities, which can be:

Personnel selection

This plan is focused on obtaining new personnel for the company. You must create a project with a detailed analysis of the activities to be carry out to find the right profile. You can rely on personal selection techniques to meet your goal.


Define many specific people who focus on creating contracts with all the clauses and also, agreements governing activity and labor welfare.


To retain the talent, you must offer motivating training constantly, not only for new talent but also for old ones. It facilitates professional preparation for job promotions.

Risk prevention

Create an independent department specialized in occupational risks. All companies must have an occupational risk prevention plan.

Conflict resolution

This strategic human resources plan seeks to create an environment that avoids conflicts or has the necessary tools to carry it out in the best possible way.

Develop the Project Team

One of the steps to building the human talent strategic plan is to improve teamwork through motivation and strengthen relationships between employees to improve communication skills and also, facilitate the project’s performance.

Thanks to an excellent human resources management plan, you will have a great tool to manage the organization’s employees effectively. Optimize processes, have an identity, and also, achieve the objectives of your strategic plan.


The world is changing, and how a company’s talent is manage is not left out, so knowing how to make a strategic human resources plan is becoming more and more necessary. The explanation for this is that improvements through new labor trends focus. On creating leaders and also, employees who identify with the company’s culture they work for.

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