What is Advertising? – Types, Characteristics, and More

Advertising can be agreed as a communication formula paid by businesses to advertise in the different media available in the market. However, given the number of mediums in which businesses can advertise

Types of Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Where is our audience? Most are on social media. Therefore this means that we cannot leave social ads out of our publicity asset strategy. Remember, Google and Facebook are the two great it platforms today in the digital environment.

Advertising on Facebook

It is the ruler of social networks and also several companies will not be able to leave Facebook Ads aside. The possibilities of campaigns, types of objectives and formats, the variety of audience segmentation and also many other parameters, allow us to impact our correct target at the right time.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter Ads is one of the most exciting current platforms for publicity. With a stable audience and also very focused on current news. The first place where you will find what is happening in the world is on Twitter. Although the growth of users has indeed stagnated, the community of this social media is very active. You will find that Twitter followers are very valuable to your business.

Advertising on Linkedin

The professional network is par excellence at an international level. Most managers and employees have posted their CVs on this network and use them for networking. With LinkedIn Ads you will find a very well-segmented target that can predisposed to listen to your message, yes, the average costs are a little higher than in other social networks, but with an excellent ROI.

Advertising on Instagram

The most stylish social network at the moment. The millennial generation is very present on Instagram and also is very active. In addition, the growth of users does not stop growing. The ideal advertising platform for any company with a target between 18 and 35 years old. Do not ignore Instagram Ads.

Online Advertising Agency

Don’t know which agency to choose? You want to better understand how companies in the digital advertising sector work. So keep this concept in mind and discover more about it.

Characteristics of Advertising

Here we leave you a decalogue with the 10 most remarkable characteristics of advertising.

  • It has a promotional purpose, to publish a product or facility and also encourage its purchase.
  • Its main function is to encourage the consumer.
  • This is part of the company’s marketing strategy, whether online or offline.
  • It is addressed to a specific buyer persona.
  • It has costs for the advertiser (the company that pays for advertising).
  • Advertising seems to be original and capture people’s attention.
  • Employ a wide variety of creative products and channels.
  • One of its fundamentals is the repetition of the message so that it sinks in with the audience.
  • Mostly it usually offers personalized products or services.
  • Advertising must be ethical.

Advertising Strategy

The design phase of the campaign, or advertising strategy, consists of different process that we analyze below. Although businesses that are not in the marketing sector do not give too much importance to this aspect, without a good initial approach it will be very difficult to achieve the results expected by advertising.

Copy strategy

in this process, the main idea of ​​the campaign can defined. It must include the objectives of the brand and then be sent to the creative team that will transform that initial proposal into final advertising content.

Creative strategy

once the product can obtain in the previous phase, it is analyz by the creative department in two phases. The first one is the content. The copies take care of that, betting on creating messages and arguments that convince the end-user. Therefore the second is encoding. In this process, the message of the copy is transformed into a final art that can include images, videos, infographics or specific fonts. It is the whole part of the visual design carried out by advertising creatives.

Media strategy

once the two previous steps have been defined, it remains to specify in which media the already designed campaign will be publish. Everything will depend on the scope and segmentation objectives required by the company. The ideal is to analyze all the options until you find the perfect plan.


It is a marketing message that employs an openly funded, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea. Sponsors of advertising are normally businesses wishing to encourage their products or services.

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