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Laser printers use toner cartridge, also known as printer toner, which is powder-based ink. It is made of fine plastic particle, carbon black and other coloring agent. Toner is transfer to paper using an electrostatically charge drum and it is fused on paper by heated roller. contact form or

Laser printer were commonly used in office, but many home user considering them for their cost-effectiveness. These cartridge are affordable to refill, and some laser printer even print colour.  A toner cartridge has two main component, drum and roller. This component expects to run smoothly up to 3 toner replacement. The printing quality upgrade once these part wear out, then replaceable.  Many generic brand also offer toner cartridge at affordable price. The toner ink doesn’t dry even if printer isn’t use. This make running laser printer lot than inkjet printer.

Laser printer are largely use for printing black and white document. They expected to print nearly 1,500 pages on single cartridge. These printer deliver cleaner result as toner doesn’t wet page during printing process. Colour laser printer produce less tonal range than most modern inkjet and ink tank printer. They use four toner colour – cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

What is Inkjet Cartridge?

An inkjet cartridge is made of dye-based ink dissolve in water or glycol. Cartridges spray liquid onto paper as tiny accurate drop from nozzle. The inkjet cartridge come with inbuilt microchip that control ink spray for accurate printing. Cartridge use thick ink that is good for printing document and photograph at home. A single cartridge can print nearly 300 to 400 pages. This printer prints on all types of pages including high-gloss pages, and smooth fabric.

Inkjet printer are compact, and cost way lesser than laser and ink tank printer. However, inkjet cartridge are costly. In some case, cartridge cost you more than price of printer. Cartridge sealed design, and most of them don’t support restocking. Inkjet cartridge thick ink can dry after month, making them useless. All this together make using inkjet printer rather classy if unused.

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