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A computer chip is tiny wafer of semiconducting material with an embedded electronic circuit. It contains million of microscopic electronic components called transistors that transmit data signals. Initially, chips were physically large, and computing done in national labs, universities, or large companies. As the size of the computer chip reduce, it became possible to create more miniature computer that could use at home. Further innovation in computer chip technology result in the development of high-performance processors that power advanced analytics, graphics, and machine learning applications. Today, computer chip is omnipresent in our lives— everything from our microwave to our toothbrushes.

What’s Microchip?

A microchip, also called chip, computer chip, an integrated circuit or IC, is a set of electronic circuits on small flat pieces of silicon. On chip, transistors act as miniature electrical switches that turn current on or off. The pattern of tiny switches create on silicon wafer by adding and removing material to form multilayer latticework of interconnected shape.

Digital Gold

Silicon is material of choice in chip industry. Unlike metal, which is usually use to conduct electrical currents, silicon is ‘semiconductor’, meaning its conductive properties can increase by mixing it with other materials such as phosphorus or boron. It make it possible to turn electrical current on or off.

The good news is that it’s everywhere! Silicon made from sand, second most abundant element on earth after oxygen. Silicon wafer made using type of sand called silica sand, made of silicon dioxide. The sand is melted and cast in large cylinder called an ‘ingot’. This ingot slice into thin wafer.

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