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A compiler is program that translates source code into machine code. This program used to generate machine code to run program. A compiler used to translate source code written in many different programming language, including C, C++, and Java.

The primary purpose of Compiler is to ensure that source code is well-formed and that program is easy to understand.

Which is Better Compiler or Interpreter?

A compiler typically runs a program faster because it translates an entire program simultaneously. Meanwhile, the interpreter translates program line by line. It make its overall speed and execution slower.

What is Fastest Compiler?

C++ is one of most efficient and fastest language. Competitive programmers widely use it for its execution speed and Standard Template Libraries(STL). Even though C++ is more popular, it suffer from vulnerability like buffer errors. C++ executes at more or less same speed as its predecessor, C.

How does Compiler Work?

Compilers vary in their methods for analyzing and converting source code to output code. Despite their differences, they typically carry out following steps:

  1. Lexical analysis. The Compiler splits source code into lexemes, individual code fragments that represent specific pattern in code. The lexeme tokenize in preparation for syntax and semantic analyses.
  2. Syntax analysis. The Compiler verify that code’s syntax is correct based on rules for source language. This process is referred to as parsing. The Compiler typically creates abstract syntax trees representing specific code elements‘ logical structures during this step.
  3. Semantic analysis. The Compiler verifies validity of the code’s logic. This step goes beyond syntax analysis by validating code’s accuracy. For example, semantic analysis might check whether variable have been assign suitable type or adequately declare.

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