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A dongle is simply an adapter that plug into open slot (port) on computer. The adapter has one or more port built into it, allowing you to pack more device into computer simultaneously. Yes, Dongle is something like an extension cord for computer. After plugging it into the laptop, you can simultaneously promote other devices into computer via Dongle.
But wait a minute: Aren’t there few opening on computer to choose from? The answer is yes, but not  kind you need. And that’s why Dongle are suddenly in the news and why leading accessory makers (Belkin and others) are raking in plenty of extra dollars selling Dongle.
Today, and probably for the foreseeable future, Dongle refer to device that plug into an iMac or PC’s new USB-C ports—if they have one. What are USB-C ports and why are they causing such stir? We’ll get to that.

Where to buy Dongle?

You can buy Dongle just about anywhere that sells tech equipment. If you’re looking for USB dongle that store data, you can even get them at most grocery store. If you want to purchase a specific type of Dongle, like MiFi or Wi-Fi Dongle, then you’ll have to narrow search as only a particular provider manufactures this device. Also, remember that hacker and cybercriminals take advantage of the universality of USB dongle and ports.

Kinds of Dongle

Here are Some Kinds of Dongles Given below:

1. Bluetooth Dongle

A Bluetooth dongle, or Bluetooth adapter, small device that transmit and receive Bluetooth signals. It usually plugs into USB port on device and power things like wireless keyboards, mice, or headphones. They’re helpful if computer doesn’t already have Bluetooth capabilities, but you still want wireless mouse or keyboard.

2. USB Dongle

A USB dongle is any small device that fits into USB port. Since USB has become universal standard for connecting device, USB dongles wide range of function. One of most common as storage device, but it can also serve several other purpose:

  • Internet connection
  • Wi-Fi scanner or finder
  • Bluetooth
  • Security token for authentication software
  • Data transfer from one device to another

When discussing Dongle, you almost always refer to USB dongles,  most common port type on computers, laptops, and other devices.

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