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On this page you can grab the information about sodium battery as the S4 project will develop new sodium-ion battery architecture, and integrate this cutting-edge sodium-ion technology in modular and expandable packaging platform to provide high capacity, high energy density, low-cost energy storage system. Include in this packaging platform innovative battery and thermal management system, and an overarching energy management system will be developed to efficiently control interaction between energy generation, storage and consumption.

Sodium-Ion Batteries.

Australia has unique conditions that make it attractive to organize renewable energy generation, however recurrent nature of resource such as wind, solar, wave and other renewable source, coupled with high cost of large-scale battery storage, impeded uptake.

To demonstrate this project, fully integrated, end-to-end renewable energy system installed in Illawarra Flame House on UOW’s Innovation Campus, and Sydney Water’s Bondi Pumping Station – located just off iconic Bondi Beach.  These sites will validate the modular nature of solution, and will show-case the next generation of sodium-ion battery technology and energy management system.

Top Sodium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India & Global

1. HiNa Battery Technology Co. Ltd

Hina Battery Technology Co., Ltd. establish in 2017 and CEO of company is Kun Tang. Its headquarter is in Zhongguancun, Liang.

The company focus on developing and producing next-generation Na-ion battery that are long-lasting, low cost, and high energy density. It own many Na-ion battery, component, material, application, and more.

2. TIAMAT Energy

TIAMAT Energy founded in 2017 by Laurent Hubbard. It start-up that manufacture and develop innovative solution for many energy storage application.

Tiamat 18650 cell utilize Na-ion technology, has excellent property for power application, fast charging, and long cycle life.

3. Natron Energy Inc.

Natron Energy founded in 2012 by Colin Wessels. It headquarter located in Santa Clara, California. It is developer and manufacturer of high power, low cost, and long life Prussian Blue sodium-ion battery solution.

4.  Altris

Altris founded in 2017. Adam Dalquist is company’s CEO and is currently headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden.

It produce rechargeable sodium-ion batteries in market that contain safe material plentiful and enable renewable future.

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