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What is a Virtual Assistant?- Tools, Work, and More

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed independent worker who delivers administrative or technical services to a client while working remotely, external to the client’s place of business. They typically assist with errands that take up considerable time for their clients, such as preparation meetings and appointments. Virtual assistants typically work from home but have access to the digital resources necessary to do their job. For example, they may be bright to enter data into a client’s database and add appointments on their digital calendars.

Essential Tools for a Virtual Assistant

When we talk about virtual assistants, we can refer to two very different concepts with a particular connection. On the one hand, there is the software creat by the giant computer and telecommunications companies that process the orders given by the users of specific equipment.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa. Google Assistant. all of these are part of that group and are call virtual voice assistants. With them, the user can program numerous tasks in home automation.

The other option is virtual assistants, understanding this concept as a trade, a professional dedication. In these cases, they are professionals who work remotely, assisting the management and employees of a company.

It is a sector that is gaining ground in these new times that are so digitized and promote teleworking because their work is carry out remotely, through the Internet, so you do not always have to be in physical contact.

What Does the Work of the Virtual Assistant Consist Of?

In some way, their role in companies is similar to that of the secretariat but oriented to online work. And focused on computer tools that allow all the company’s actors to stay in contact through the Internet.

Virtual assistants provide administrative, communication and creative support to the client or the company with which they work. It can be an internal employee of the company or a freelancer.

Their work is base on optimizing the administrative part of the business, serving customers. Promoting effective communication channels and, in general, making tasks that are very repetitive more comfortable.

In the new digital businesses that base their growth on the generation of content, these professionals are also in charge of these tasks, as well as their analytical control. Measuring the impact that is generate, the traffic that reaches the websites, the ability to gain in subscribers or leads, etc.

At a general level, the functions of a virtual assistant are agenda and email management, customer service, billing, reporting, event planning and content generation.

At first glance, it seems like a lot of work, but in reality, these professionals provide solutions so that the company can become more effective by assisting in part of the work. Therefore, we will tell you the primary tools for virtual assistants.

What Tools Should a Virtual Assistant Master?

One that is at the top of many professionals is Trello. It is a very easy-to-use project manager that provides organization at work. The order in tasks offers the possibility of tracking tasks, setting reminders for delivery dates and attaching files.

Similar functionality is provide by Asana, another popular content management system for team projects. With it, you can publish on social networks, generate individualized project boards for clients and track the tasks associated with each team member.

In email marketing, two tools are essential: HubSpot and Mailchimp. First, all the tools you need in a sales plan are integrate. Free accounts can be create that has limit functions, but there are also paid formulas that are much more complete.

With Mailchimp, you can have all the work linked to the email controlled. It is a manager with which you will be able to reach more clients, automate shipments with a single click, carry out mass mailings. Personalize emails and calculate the impact of email marketing campaigns. It also has a free plan, although the best option is to go to the payment options.

If we move to the field of social networks, the best-known tool is Hootsuite. With which you can manage numerous platforms and streamline content management. It is beneficial for programming publications, but it is also handy for measuring the impact generated on the networks.

Many more tools can be very functional for a virtual assistant: calendar management, images, password manager, digital marketing campaign metrics, customer surveys, billing. And consumer assistance. They are programs that have to know these professionals by heart because their excellent work is linked to use in companies so that they continue to grow.


A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

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